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Typography Diagram

Information is being presented to us at every single moment in our every day lives. In the age of having the power of a search engine and endless results at the power of your fingertips, we are processing more and more information than was ever possible before. And it is important as a designer to be aware of all aspects of creating a readable and user friendly product.

Typography is a wonderful tool to understand. It's expressive and playful, it can change the way users feel about their entire experience. It can be iconic and remain memorable in some instances as well. It's used everywhere. You see it on street signs, in print, your digital screens. And once you understand the basics of typography you start to notice where and how text is placed. Such as what kind of spacing is being used and what typefaces are shown. You'll notice how readable something is or where your eyes are drawn, because you'll be thinking like a designer!

So I have created an easy website for you to navigate to learn about typography and understand why it is important to know what it is and how you can implement it in your own work!