Tyler Hickey

Digital Author, Technical Writer, Content Strategist


My particular areas of interest are where digital media and literary arts intersect, and how works that fall within that realm, especially playable and interactive media, can be used facilitate student engagement and transfer of learning. In the construction of my own media works I have especially focused on user agency and issues of self and identity, especially on digital platforms.


I am a recent graduate of Washington State University Vancouver's Creative Media & Digital Culture and English programs. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Digital Technology & Culture and Literary Studies, as well as a certification in Professional & Technical Writing. My current goal is to obtain a Master of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University's School of Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT).

Major Projects

Web Development Project Manager

Senior Seminar Creative Media & Digital Culture Program

As part of the final course in the Creative Media and Digital Culture program, the class worked on the development of Project 497 for Emortal Sports, David Ortiz's newest venture.In the development process, I was in charge of the web development team, a group of three other students, for the production of the official Project 497 website. The site is fully responsive and hand-coded, as well as expandable in order to facilitate the expansion of the game and game community.

Game Camel Website Development

Creative Media & Digital Culture Fellowship

I worked with a team of three others for the complete redesign of board game trading company Game Camel's website and logo. The structure of the site was redesigned from the ground up, going from a CMS-generated site to a hand-coded, custom site ready to expand with the business itself.

Prose Editor/Digital Journal Founder

Salmon Creek Journal

As Prose Editor of the 2016 and 2017 Salmon Creek Journal, I evaluated and edited literary pieces from students, faculty, and alumni of WSU Vancouver. In Fall of 2016, I lobbied the Student Media Board for support in the creation of the Salmon Creek Digital digital arts and literature journal, and followed through with its production. In addition to my own responsibilities, I also took over the role of Poetry Editor for the 2017 Journal as a result of staff shortages. The staff of the Journal were also promoters and advocates for the creative community.

Writing Consultant

Writing Center - Washington State University Vancouver

For one and a half years, I worked with students of WSU Vancouver on the development of their writing skills. Rather than providing a line-editing service, as a consultant I took a hollistic approach to the writing process, focusing on skill-building rather than assessment and promoting an environment in line with a professional learning community (PLC).

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