Hayles’s Chapter 2 Questions

1) Method of educating:

_ Classical Athenian Education in Greece: mind, body and imagination/ grammar, music and gymnastics

_ Medieval Education in England: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.

_ 19th-20th Century Education: Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

2) The digital humanities had large impact on theories, practices, research environment and significant attributions to humanities.


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Hayles’s Chapter 1 Questions

1) The concept is about exploring the technology system and technological basic of culture; it works between humanist and scientist.

2) The idea is important for humanities because it helped human to create literature, history, philosophy, religion and art history.

3) Paradigm shift is revolutionary science; it changes the basic assumptions into the rule and theory of science. The paradigm shift that Hayles is talking about, is the way that human changed every life aspects into technology system and digital media as the rules of science.

4) She challenges about humanities scholars because it’s against the human life’s aspect such as research programs and educations.

5) When we interact with digital media and our interactions have bodily responses at the physical level. It’s embodied. Its associated with ” extended cognition” as human thought and ability explore within digital network and environment.

6) Three level of engagement are carrying out, using digital technologies as part of the research process and conceptualizing and implementing research projects in digital media.

7) Humanities are human races and human is involved with it. Digital humanities are researching, studying and creating the connection between computer system with humanities.

8) Media upheavals is advent of digital technologies. Two negative outcomes are the print-based scholars are inclined to think the media upheavals is no the big deal and outright rejection of work in digital media.

9) Making Comparative Media Studies is comparisons manuscript to print cultures and multiple types of print cultures. As the suggestions, we should start to build works in technology environment, highlight the differences between all types of reading and literacy as the learning method.

10) Techno-genesis is the expansion together between human and technologies in many aspects.

11) Three reading strategies are close, hyper- and machine reading.

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