Welcome to my final project!

Welcome to my DTC 375 final project site. This site contains information about my final project that I have gathered throughout the semester. Getting started, the three words I chose to focus on were remediation, language erosion, and electronic space.

Remedation can be defined as the representation of refashioning of one media through another. The new medium imitates some of the features from the old medium. Within the refashioning, the new form claims to improve the new medium. Compared to completely replacing the old form, the new form adapts features for the old medium to survive. This is quite evident in my research of news and news sources. The newspaper is still around, but similar formats are found throughout the computer and television. This connects to one of my other foci which is language erosion.

Language Erosion is a debatable topic among those in the literary arts industry. Language Erosion is the so-called destruction of what can be called the “traditional” English language. With the growth in technology, simplification in language has been utilized for quick communication in text-messaging, tweeting and other forms of quick communication. Because of the societal adaptation to these forms, they are used when informing the public of breaking news stories, and even found in quotes by high societal figures. “LOL” is a common phrased used to convey the meaning of laughter. Some say that is the start of language erosion.

Electronic Space is one of the eight spaces that Marshall McLuhan suggested as the “spaces for interplay”. Other spaces are those such as Acoustic space, Writing space and printing space. McLuhan suggested that Electronic space is a form of resistance to the printing world and serves an active interplay between electronic mediums. What better way to fit the news industry than this? Newspapers were the first official source for news, other than word of mouth. As technology grew, even just the power of electricity, there was a resistance against paper products. The resistance has grown even more, especially with the help of the computer. The news industry is continuing to utilize electronic space and all of its affordances. I just got an Apple watch and now I can see the latest news, right on my wrist!