I grew up with a designer as a mother and a musician as a father so I was always in the habit of creating, it was just a natural progression that I would make it my profession. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Technology and Culture and moved to San Diego the day after graduation! I currently work as a Graphic Designer and Advertising and Marketing Specialist at Conquer Scientific as well as a few freelance projects on the side.

I work directly with clients to make beautiful works of art they can be proud to show off. My specialty’s are multimedia design and information architecture as well as advertising and marketing. When I’m working with a new client I like to build a personal relationship that can go extend past ‘just business’ so that not only do my clients feel more comfortable telling me their personal preferences, but they end up getting a finished product that reflects their personalities.

In my spare time I am continually learning new ways to cook (any new recipes or techniques are greatly appreciated!), I enjoy being outdoors as much as possible at the beach or hiking in the desert, and I always love a good weekend trip to Julian.

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