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Invisible Inc. Game Research

Posted by on February 12, 2016

Invisible Inc. Game Research

Basic information

Name: Invisible Inc.

Release Date: May 12, 2015

Available on: Steam (for Mac or PC)

Genre(s): Action, Indie, Strategy

Developer(s): Klei Entertainment

Publisher(s): Klei Entertainment

Version(s): Invisible Inc., Invisible Inc. Contingency Plan,

Price: $19.99 (on sale $9.99)

ESRB: RP (Rating Pending, may contain content not appropriate for children)


More in-depth information

Rating Info: This game contains a fair amount of cartoon violence including explosives and firearms. For this reason I believe the game should be rated T for Teen.

Summary: Invisible Inc. is a game set in the year 2074 in a world where the governments have been overthrown by mega-corporations who rule with overwhelming power. Invisible Inc. is a private intelligence agency that who’s facilities and and agents are almost entirely destroyed in an attack by the mega-corporations. Through infiltration the now rogue group of spies aims to take out the mega-corporations from within. The game is turn-based, and is based on the popular the turn-based alien combat series X-Com. The main characters, the few remaining members of Invisible Inc., utilize a powerful AI system called Incognita to hack into the mega-corporations defenses. The player is able to upgrade and customize Invisible’s agents as well as Incognita’s hacking abilities in order to take on harder and harder infiltration missions, each of which pushes the narrative further along.

This game re-invents storytelling through it’s unique turn-based gameplay in which the player must complete a series of randomly generated missions in order to progress the story. With each mission the player passes a small amount of the story is revealed through a textual dialogue with Invisible Inc. As the missions are completed time passes and with each passing day the player is shown a video that further progresses the storyline. Separate from the story line the player is given the ability to customize his agents as well as the Incognita program. As the player levels up their characters they are able to unlock new agents each of which add a new element of plot to the overall story.

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