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Inventory #2

Posted by on February 22, 2016

Anthropoetry was a multimedia poetry exhibit in 2014 that utilized a number of international artists to promote a theme of humanity and of emotion. The exhibit celebrated modernity and variety in poetry including new forms of visual and digital art.

With art constantly evolving it is important to expose the public to new forms of art in new ways whenever possible. This in a way can validate modern forms of art by simply making the public aware of their existence as well as showing them how to appreciate them. Anthropoetry focuses on new digital poetry specifically, which blurs the lines in poetry between literary art and visual digital art. But when dealing with the digital, often lacking much of a physical presence, what exactly is an exhibition? “The critical consensus today would seem to be that an exhibition is, in the most basic terms, an organized presentation of a selection of items to a public,” (p 74).

With a digital art form curation becomes even more important, as the art itself has no physical presence but is presented on a computer. In that way the exhibit must utilize the computers and the space around them in a way that fits with the theme of the art while motivating the public to interact with as much of the art as possible.


Hoffmann, Jens. Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.

2 Responses to Inventory #2

  1. cindy

    Hello and thank you for your post. Prior to entering the DTC program, I did not consider poetry a form of “art” as I viewed art in more of a traditional sense. I now can see that art takes many forms and even though the medium may be different (digital vs. “live”), the process that goes in to an exhibit requires the same type of thought process to address all of the areas in chapters 1-6 of our text. One factor in digital poetry that can be missing is the emotion of listening to a person reciting it live, but this can also be an opportunity of presenting multimedia that contributes to the purpose and meaning of the poetry.


    • Captain Shimbo

      Yeah, although I didn’t quote from the chapter “What is Art?” I felt that that was the concept most challenged in an exhibit like this. Not only is poetry not always viewed as an art, but people tend to have trouble accepting digital art forms some times. For that reason I think exhibits like these as well as the upcoming Game Changers event are crucial. It is our job in the DTC program to show people that the digital has earned its’ way into every facet of the human experience.

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