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Comments on Inventory #2

Posted by on February 24, 2016

Comment on Madeline’s post:

I appreciate your connection with the concepts of pleasure from the text and the representations of human emotion in the Anthropoetry exhibit. I think the points you make about the relationship between the play of the digital poetry pieces and the concept of pleasure is well thought out. Since Anthropoetry focuses on the human condition and human emotions you were wise to make the connection you did. In all honesty I kind of wish I had thought about that as well.

Comment on Amy’s post:

Amy, I agree with the importance of the curator in an exhibit like this. Because the poetry is digital the organization of categories and themes makes the physical layout of the exhibit more understandable. Although it drives me a little bit crazy how the author seems to struggle in defining what a curator is I believe you utilized the context of the chapter well in your post. Good job.

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