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Curatorial Synopsis Before taking this class I had no clue what a curator or a docent really was in terms of job or title. I had only a marginal understanding of what an exhibit really entailed and even less than that about what it really took to host one. Throughout the class I learned through … Continue reading »

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Can Exhibitions Be Collected?

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Inventory #4

New Text was an exhibit in 2015 curated by Dene Grigar about “the literary and artistic explorations into what It means to read, write, and create,” (Grigar). The exhibit, now hosted online, features a wide variety of multimedia electronic literature by various artists and authors. Among these works is a piece called Whispering Galleries in … Continue reading »

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Inventory #3

In this post I will be discussing the archived site for Transpoetica, “The Future is a Dog,” by Hans Ulrich Obrist, and finally where I see the connection between the two. In order to accomplish this I will be pulling content from both the Transpoetica website and Hans Obrist’s book. A few things may or … Continue reading »

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Comments on Inventory #2

Comment on Madeline’s post: I appreciate your connection with the concepts of pleasure from the text and the representations of human emotion in the Anthropoetry exhibit. I think the points you make about the relationship between the play of the digital poetry pieces and the concept of pleasure is well thought out. Since Anthropoetry focuses … Continue reading »

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Inventory #2

Anthropoetry was a multimedia poetry exhibit in 2014 that utilized a number of international artists to promote a theme of humanity and of emotion. The exhibit celebrated modernity and variety in poetry including new forms of visual and digital art. With art constantly evolving it is important to expose the public to new forms of … Continue reading »

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Invisible Inc. Game Research

Invisible Inc. Game Research Basic information Name: Invisible Inc. Release Date: May 12, 2015 Available on: Steam (for Mac or PC) Genre(s): Action, Indie, Strategy Developer(s): Klei Entertainment Publisher(s): Klei Entertainment Version(s): Invisible Inc., Invisible Inc. Contingency Plan, Price: $19.99 (on sale $9.99) ESRB: RP (Rating Pending, may contain content not appropriate for children) Website: … Continue reading »

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Inventory #1

Based on what I have seen of last year’s Game Changers event it really challenged the concept of what art is. Art is ever-changing and more so art is defined by the public that views it. In the case of Game Changers, a long existing form of media was displayed in a way that showcased … Continue reading »

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A Captain’s Intro

Hello all and welcome to my Captain’s Log. Here you will find a number of entries detailing my time spent in Madame Grigar’s Digital Curation class.

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