This collaborative publication has been a very interesting learning experience for me. In the past I really haven’t worked on a group project that has been this complex and with the entire class involved. I found the overall division of labor to be well thought out and organized in terms of everyone’s strengths. I am still fairly new to DTC so learning all of this software such as Photoshop, InDesign, TextWrangler, and even Pages has been a crash-course challenge for me. Trying to navigate through all of this software and programs has been tough, but thanks to all of my knowledgeable classmates and instructor, I can say I have learned a lot about the digital publishing process in a short amount of time.

In past group projects were not based off strengths with certain types of software or ones artistic talents. We would all just work on the same type of project with everyone using the same software at once and kind of just hope for the best. The workload was usually separated merely by the length of the project requirements. If I was in a group on 4 people, the workload was divided evenly into fourths not regarding ones strengths and weaknesses. This typical process can get the job done, but the end product may not live up to what it is capable of being. This is why I enjoyed how the processes and sections of this project were divided up based on one’s experiences using the software and skills required to complete this unique digital production.

This digital publication process has been a learning process for not only me, but for my book trailer group as a whole. We all come from different backgrounds in terms of our strengths needed for this project. I myself fall more into the category of writing, text editing, and formatting. I am glad I was paired with two partners that have a background in film and photography. Since our group is focusing on the book trailer section of this project, I feel we are well rounded and prepared to write about the do’s and don’ts of book trailers.

It has been very interesting and inspiring to see the strengths of the other groups. We have many skilled students in this class and I have loved seeing what everyone has contributed to this project. I enjoy that the entire class has the last say on any major decisions or changes to the project. Little things like that are reassuring that this truly is a group effort. As we wrap up with this final project, I am very excited to see how our final production turns out. It will be interesting to see everyone’s contributions come together as one unique production on what we have learned as a whole in this class.


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