Hybrid Spaces


Job Profiles…

Discuss Lev Manovich “What is Digital Cinema?“…


New ways to depict space – multiple, discontinuous, mixed media
– newspaper and paint
– photography and drawing
– text and image


The Dream, 1908 by Pablo Picasso

Picasso, Pablo
Guitar, 1913 by Pablo Picasso



Film Compositing – multiple images in single frame
-painting on film
-matte effects (split screen), painted sets/ backgrounds
-titles, text on screen

Video Compositing
– multiple layers of video
– effects (pixels as information)
– green screen – swap pixel colors
– the pixel grid

New Media (HTML) – each piece of media is discrete, not a composite

Google’s Deep Dream software


Cloverfield, green screen effect




COMPOSTING (layers of tracks)


ROTOSCOPING (painting on video)

Watch: Waking Life, by Richard Linklater


CMDC student Haley Zach


MOBILE HYBRID NARRATIVE – real space + cinema space

Janet Cardiff – mobile art
blended space of physical space and cinematic representation of space


SCREEN CAPTURE /DESKTOP SPACE (text and multiple frames)

There are many option for screen capture. On a Mac use the free Quicktime: File>New Screen Recording

Noah, by by Walter Woodman and Patrick Cederberg as a class project

NightWatch-ComeToMe NightWatch-NoStop NightWatch-hurrydoll

Green Screen In-Class Exercise


ASSIGNMENT: Due Next Tuesday
Hybrid Space (5%):
Create a 30-60 second video that explores a hybrid cinematic space: a screen space made of multiple layers of video, text, graphic imagery and/or image effects There are many techniques you can combine to create a hybrid space: compositing (layering of video tracks), green screen, video effects, spatial montage, etc. Or you can use  Newhive to create your own layered HTML space. The only rule is you must  incorporate the “indexicality” of video (your own or remixed from other sources).

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