DTC Continuity Assignment

So, this is my video. I wanted to do my own twist on the Lunch Date, so the ending is slightly different. I tried to make it flow like an actual Hollywood scene. The basic idea was that the first actress made a bowl of cereal. She takes a bites and leaves on the counter for a moment. In walks in the second actress whose character had a very bad day and wants something to eat. She takes the bowl and leaves. First actress walks backs and notices the missing bowl of cereal and leaves again feeling disgruntled.

What worked was some of the camera movement and cohesive as a story. What also worked was some of the shots which included, close up, zero frame and an establishing shot. I tried to vary the different shots. I also told both actors to act naturally, as I followed them around with the camera.

Some of the things that didn’t work was some of my editing was a little clunky. I also didn’t have much variety in my some of my shots, and could’ve used some match up shots. I also could’ve shortened some of the scenes in the beginning. I also realized that there was a continuity issue towards the end of the sequence. When the second actress walks in, she comes in from the left side of the room. When the first actress comes back, she reenters from the same hallway that the second actress went through, thus creating a continuity error.


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