Framing – Drive (2011)

A scene that I believe to be a great example of versatile framing is the opening scene from Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive.”


Wide Angle


Extreme Close-up

Low Angle

Long Shot

Medium shot


While this is a relatively long scene at 12 minutes, all of these shots do a great job at maintaining tension throughout while also following the traditional structure of an introduction, a climax, and a resolution. The wide angle in the beginning and the scene that follows introduce the characters that will be portrayed in this scene. After the introduction of these characters the shots begin building tension with the canted/dutch angle followed by an extreme close-up which shows the main characters expression very well. The chase portion of this scene is highlighted by a lot of low angle shots of the main character and, after a successful escape, ends the scene with the long shot into the medium shot. Both the music and ambient sounds in this scene correspond with the shots to keep tension high throughout, until the successful escape, which is followed by a cheer and a drastic change in music.




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