There are a few minor continuity errors, but given the 60 second time restriction and limited amount of opportunities I had to shoot all of the footage I think it turned out okay as a whole.

One of the reasons I was kind of limited on opportunities for footage was because I only had one set of standard guitar strings . If I were to have accidentally messed up restringing the guitar and broke it in the process, I wouldn’t really have another convenient set so I pretty much went with whatever footage was available. Having one set of strings also affected one of my shots where I picked up the pack of strings with my right hand in the first shot, but in the next shot I had it in my left. I didn’t really notice that until the editing process and by then the packaging was already torn apart and in the trash.

I think that an area I kind of struggled with was definitely fitting the time constraint. I knew I was going to have a lot of footage, but truncating it so that it fit that 30-60 second time limit was quite difficult. There are parts of the video that don’t really feel as seamless as they probably could be like the shot when I’m unwrapping the string packaging. The previous shot shows me carrying it off screen to another location that doesn’t really match too well. The biggest issues in continuity that might not be as noticeable is the actual restringing process. I had to completely cut out a shot where I was removing the broken string from my tuning peg and while it probably isn’t obvious to most I can bet there are many people who play guitar that would notice. There were also some shots that seemed like jump cuts. These are noticeable in the string unpacking and also between the shots when I am straightening the new string and looping it through the bridge.

Looking back at my video and all the footage I had, I think I probably could have had more variety with the shots I had. Most of the shots I had were close ups or mediums and I can see that being kind of monotonous to the average viewer. I wanted to have at least one long shot, but my room is a bit small and was also kind of messy.

If I were to redo this project I think fixing the continuity with which hand I picked up the pack of strings with would be at the top of my priority, next removing the shots that looked like jump cuts, and lastly adding at least one long shot. In terms of continuity, I think it worked well for the most part, but I could have added more of the techniques listed in the notes like eyeline matching, a motivated pov shot, etc. Overall, I found this project to be a lot more interesting to do then the previous assignment and it served as a great learning experience.

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  1. Andrew you had a lot of really creative framing in your video! You had such a limited space in only one room but you came up with lots of different perspectives to film from. Nice!

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