Temporal Montage

I’m still not entirely sure if I’m doing this project correctly, but my intent was to make a metric montage. The theme of the video was around procrastinating on written assignments, something that I’ve been a victim to countless times throughout my education. Each clip is around 4 seconds and I was trying to evoke the tension that most students feel when they procrastinate.

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  1. Nice, this is something I think we all can relate to as students. I like the different angles you use for each shot (from the close up to the medium long shot that shows you at the computer from behind). Nice setup by the way.

  2. Hello Andrew,

    I think your idea is a very good one. There is a lot you could with a “procrastination” short film. The framing is spot on. One thing you could do to create more tension, like you were saying your description, would be to make faster cuts. You could make each cut go by faster and faster until you hit the midnight mark. Just a thought. I like the video overall.


    1. Agreed, I think that would definitely make the tension more clear if the clips got shorter as the video progresses. I was actually considering making each clip a bit shorter like you recommended, but I was a bit concerned about my videos duration being too short. Anyways, thanks for the feedback!

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