Job Profile Rough Cut

This is the rough cut job profile of my friend Sam who works as an electrician for Just-in-time electrical. There are still holes in the video that I will fill in with footage, but this is how it will be structured for the most part.

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  1. I like all of the angles of footage you have for this project. I couldn’t hear anything though. Are you still working on the sound? Anyway, great job.

  2. So many great shots in this! I liked the story a lot. My only cc is I didn’t care for the blam]nk spaces (black) If you’re going for a dramatic effect maybe make them shorter?

  3. Hi! First off, I think you have a great start here. I love the background music – it isn’t too distracting but it adds a nice vibe to your video. The shots of him sitting down for the interview are also really nice with the soft, blurred background. One suggestion I have is to maybe consider a different opening shot/sequence. What you have now works, but perhaps showing him at work, like a close up of his hands, might be more visually interesting? Your audio sounds good too, but I might just increase the volume of it. I also think the end is a little long – after he stops talking, the screen is just black, so maybe either add credits (like his name, give credit for the music, etc.) or just shorten it. But overall, great job!

  4. Hey Andrew! I like the insight you’ve provided here in the life of one of your friends. Good choice and use of the musical track. I can see where you’re planning on adding more video shots.

    As a suggestion, and as Will suggested to me for my video, you may also want to add some of the natural sound that comes from Sam doing his work, which will allow viewers to connect more to the person you’re interviewing. (I have to work on that, myself). But you did a really good job here.

  5. Hello Andrew,

    I really liked your subject material. I have always found the electrician trade very interesting. I think there could be some things to work through with this clip however. I noticed some black spots during the video, I don’t know what happened, or if you are trying to go for an effect,, but that is something I noticed that could be improved. I did like the different shots though of the electrician working with wiring and driving to work.

    Brendan Reardon

  6. Andrew, This is the same version I saw in class. It is great. I like the framing and the editing. The problem is the sound. I want to hear wires snipped and things dropping. The music is too overpowering. Just use music for empty moments.

  7. I love the variety of shots and visual evidence you have. The opening shot with the lights on the ceiling and the one of the ladder from below really stick out to me. There are a couple places where the lighting or focus gets weird (around 0:13 and 1:07) but they’re really minimal and would probably be tricky to fix without reshooting or simply covering those parts with footage. Can’t wait to see how it comes together with the blank spaces filled!

  8. I would agree the music is a bit overpowering, but the actual song works for the most part ( a bit somber at first). The visual evidence works, and its shot really well. I would say the begging could be different, I’m not sure how, but maybe something that grabs your attention a little more? Just a thought. Great rough cut!

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