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Video Essay:

I am a big fan of the use of language with image. I loathe writing anything, especially old fashioned essays. I whine and complain whenever I’m forced to write anything, but I whine only an iota less when I have to write something for use in video. The multimedia aspect of a video essay is very intriguing. You can use someone’s voice to directly quote from them in a much more powerful way than if you had simply read their words on the page, without hearing the unique texture and inflection in their voice. Hearing a voice over of information is sometimes easier to digest than simply reading the text, so their combination in a video essay is powerful. Sound effects can be added to amplify a point or change the mood. Graphics can visually explain what is being said, and video can provide visual evidence to tie it all together.

Here is one of my favorite video essays:

To begin “writing” a video essay, I’ll pick a topic and decide what I want to say about it. Once I have my point, I will research information that will help me make my point or prove my argument. Then I will write a script, record the voice over, and then begin collecting and creating the text, graphics, sounds, example videos, etc. that help illustrate the point or argument.

Final Project Idea:

My final project idea is not fully fleshed out yet, but as of right now I plan to create something that highlight cinematography and combines that with my interest in fashion. It will be a 2-3 minute video that follows a group of friends as they slug through their daily routines, impatiently awaiting the chance they get to meet up and go explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I can’t think of two specific course modules for this project, but I know I will be using narrative space/framing, continuity editing, and montage. In the coming weeks I will need finalize my idea, write a screenplay/shot list, and find actors and locations.

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