Video Essay & Final Idea

I think that video essays can be an effective form of communicating a perspective. I feel that adding images to text gives the viewer a reference for the message. Moving images will only further explain the argument a person is trying to make. When words are combined with text, sound, graphics, and video the viewer is allowed to be fully immersed. It helps that when you are making an argument with a film that the person labels the different aspects of what the viewer is watching. In the video essay on 12 Angry Men, a person without any prior knowledge can understand the point the creator is making easily. I felt that is was also helpful that the creator put her main arguments in narration and in the text to ensure the viewer was clear about her argument. When we combine sensory inputs we are only increasing our effectiveness.

I would begin writing a video essay by creating an outline of my argument or ideas. Once I fleshed out my script I would create a shot list that was written on the timeline of the script. I would then bold any text that I would want to appear in the video. After I compile the footage into the video I would record the audio. After breaking up the audio into sections I would add them to the video to test the timing and effectiveness. I would then add in the text and align it with when the words are spoken. During the editing process, I would test the video solely listening to the audio or muting of the audio and only looking at the video to test its effectiveness.

My final project idea is a narrative story using split screens. I want to showcase how attitude can determine how the day will unfold. The class modules I am exploring in this project is spatial montage and continuity. To shoot this video I will need to arrange a time with my actors and plan a shot list with locations around downtown Portland.

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