Blog post: Hyper Cinema

For this blog, I chose The Flat, from dreamingmethods.  This interactive site uses still images, text, sound, video inserts, and interactive mouse input. as you “play” through the site, you begin to piece together a narrative from what your reading. You will click on spaces in the image, interactive text, and items that will guide you through the narrative. as you progress through the images, the floating text seems a bit vague and ambiguous, leading to the user having to understand what is going on. this allows the user to explore the world and gives them a sense of dread and mystery.

It uses great cinema techniques, like canted angles,  panning, and tilting (dependent on mouse movements) and great visual evidence with the text (ambiguous text that loosely relates to the image). The framing is good as well, as it is close up when it needs to emphasize claustrophobia, and wide shots areas it needs to. It also uses color and lighting well, as there is a lot of dark areas with very dense color that really draws the viewer closer. All in all, it is a dark atmospheric visual adventure that offers a lot of thought.

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