Final Project (rough cut)

For my final project I decided to create a you tube channel dedicated to kayak fishing for Kokanee here is South West Washington. There have been several fishing channels out there but none of them were dedicated to kayak fishing for Kokanee. I started with some research as to what was out there already. Several recreational kayak only channels, and some kayak and all around fishing channels. I then captured a handle and created my you tube channel. Unfortunately “kayakmike” was not available so I chose “kayakmike262” as my handle. I then searched through several Face book kayak fishing only sites and wrote down some of the main questions. It turns out that one of the biggest question for my particular kayak was that the seat is down to low for bigger kayakers. I happened to have the same issue when I started with my kayak and I created a simple solution. As opposed to the very expensive custom seat solution. I chose that for my first topic and created my video. I tried to keep the length down to less than 2 minutes. I noticed that I will click away from a fishing video after 2 minutes and I though that this would be a good place to start my analytics research on my length and content.  I have several topics that I want to shoot and I plan on continuing this channel to see how many followers I can get.


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