Bowen – Final

For my final edit, I choose to add instrumental music and reorder certain clips of the interview. My project overall was meant to showcase the different perspectives people offer when asked the same questions. I really enjoyed the process and the outcome. I have over an hour of interview material that I boiled down to three minutes of highlights. I wanted to juxtapose contrasting responses to amplify the differences. I primarily used spatial and temporal montage techniques.

What I learned from this project was that it is easier to get it right in when recording rather than trying to fix issues during the editing process. To fix the audio I had to edit each interview in Audition. If I had more time and expertise I would have cleaned up the audio even more. I had troubles eliminating the white noise sound without making the person sound too robotic. I hope my intent comes through when you watch my video. My aim was to offer a new perspective to foster empathy and connection towards strangers.

I’ve learned quite a lot in this class while reviewing everyone’s projects. Thank you for making my last semester something productive and inspiring. Best wishes to everyone in the class.

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