Final Project

I have to admit, the idea of not having many guidelines for the final project really gave me trouble when it came to thinking of what exactly I wanted to film. I kept bouncing between a narrative or second job interview, and ultimately, decided to create a narrative. After being intrigued by the idea of an interactive narrative using YouTube cards, I decided that would work best for me. However, after filming all of my scenes I realized that the YouTube cards would hinder my story-line more than they would help. Therefore, I created a three minute story based on the concepts of both human greed, and the need to satisfy curiosity. The film starts out with a mysterious package arriving at the door and when my brother opens it he reveals a button that says do not push. Obviously, if a button arrives that says do not push, you’re going to want to push it, so he does. While nothing happens after the first button push, he starts to receive rewards for subsequent pushes after that. This ultimately makes him want to click the button even more. Due to the fact that he doesn’t know the origin of the button, however, he cannot guarantee his safety. The final push of the button happens to give him both the ultimate reward, a winning lottery ticket, and the ultimate penalty, death.

While I had a lot of fun filming this project, It could definitely use more of an organic sense of urgency. I tried to add the urgency these scenes were missing by using scary music and glitch editing, but it still feels like I could’ve done more. I do think the music and editing helped, but there are some more scenes I could film to create more tension, which is what I believe the video is missing the most.

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