Intellectual Montage in The Godfather

(rated R)

Intellectual Montage emphasizes the consideration of ideas. It may be presented as an alternate look of something that is happening. Viewers may watch an intellectual montage and apply its message to their own lives. In The Godfather, intellectual montage is used to contrast a calm positive event with one of great intensity and tragedy. Corleone is witnessing the baptism of his son in a church and clearly states that he renounces all evil. Meanwhile, gang members whom he associates with go around and kill several people. The reason why these two events alternate back and forth is to show the audience how much of a hypocrite and liar Corleone is. A scene like this is designed to make them think about how they or people they know in real life may commit themselves to one thing, but in reality may not really follow through. They are not what they say they are. A scene like this could potentially be a sticking point for some viewers for a long time. This could happen if the scene lead to a realization for them. These are the kinds of scenes people might go on about and say were the highlight of the film. It depends on how much the film influenced their life outlook.

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