Untouchables Montage

The Untouchables is violent movie that focuses Eliot Ness’s war with Al Capone in the prohibition era of the 1920s. I chose the overtonal montage of the train station scene from the 1987 film, The Untouchables. The scene is emotional; it plays on the audience’s fears, of seeing bystanders caught between Eliot Ness and the mafia’s war. The scene of the baby in the stroller rolling down the stairs adds an extra amount tension to the scene. The scene is edited in slow motion to add extra drama to the scene. I think the scene would not work without slow motion. If the scene did not use slow motion, the scene would have been too chaotic for the audiences to see what was happening on screen. In addition, I think it would have lost the dramatic effect.

The scene is a culmination metric, rhythmic, and tonal montage. The editing does follow a specific number of frames. The scene is shot is in rhythm, such as beats from a percussion. There is emotional weight to the montage as well. The audience has seen what the war has done the people in Eliot Ness’s life. At this point in the movie, the audience is afraid that Eliot Ness and the bystanders are going to die in the crossfire. There’s also emotion weight to the scene because the war is being fought in a subway train station and not on the streets. This scene also represents Ness’s final confrontation with Capone’s men.

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