Eagle Creek Fire

The Eagle Creek fire was such an emotional experience for a lot of locals. It’s been a few year since, going back to it, I would focus on the locals in that area and how they are rebuilding. Emotion is key in anything you film, if the audience doesn’t feel anything, then you are doing something wrong. For the emotional reaction I would talk to the kids in the area, the teachers who taught school around there. I would talk to the sheriff and firefighters who fought the fire. Ask them what the fire did to them, the emotional aspect that the fire had on their community. It is easy to judge from Vancouver, but the locals who lived in that area, who had to flee their homes, the feelings and emotions are way stronger.

As for some of the B-roll, I would use a mix of fictional shots of fires while also using some of the shots taken from the fire itself as they talked about the damage done. There is still very much damage done to the gorge from the fire so as the interviewee, say a park ranger talks about the damage done, I would show clips of us walking through the patches of trees that were burned down and never replanted. Maybe some still shots of cars and homes being abandoned.

In the wrap-up I would interview the locals again on the growth of the area since the fire and how it is recovering. Clear blue skies, clear water, green trees, baby trees just replanted to replace the burned down ones and animal life. That’s how I would end it, with a positive message.

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