Lev Manovich

While watching “Light is Waiting” I can already picture the digital aesthetics in digital cinema that is described by Lev Manovich by having the girls want to bring the tv upstairs so they can watch both tv’s at the same time. This is heavily influenced as the one of the girls drops the tv off the top floor and it breaks and forms a glitch in the tv (altered-pixels breaking). There is a strobe light effect with multiple alterations, creating an illusion of cinematic space. The illusion of space is depicted by the separation of moving images such as the changing static glitch that transitions to blank black space. The picture then moves a boat, then to a plane while keeping the imagery different but overlapping to create an illusion of time change. Sound is being manipulated as it the imagery glitches back in reverse. Lev Manovich discusses animation foregrounds and the use of elements used in a succession. The space is more about the irregularly contrast of moving imagery that creates “film-like scenes”. This is seen in the video “Light is Waiting” as images are mirrored to create an illusion or depth in space by changing the existing reality of video which ultimately creates  the “never-was” special effects that Lev Manovich discusses. The optical effects and other techniques used in this video contrasts Lev Manovich by showing how cinema is not much different than animation as computer-generated special effects are being used to manipulated images on screen.

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