Blog 10/22

After viewing “SKAM” the facebook interactive networked series, as well as, reading the article, ““SKAM,” the Radical Teen Drama That Unfolds One Post at a Time” I began to think more about the possibilities of something like this being the future of TV. After the Black Mirror interactive movie “Bandersnatch” came out on Netflix last year I began thinking more about electronic literature as a form of entertainment. The idea was cool and new and it seemed a lot of people began having conversation about it, but as a viewer I personally could not see that taking over the entirety of movies and television. Often times a viewer wants to get lost in the story while watching TV and for many visual entertainment is a form of destressing. My favorite thing about a film is when I can forget that “it’s just a movie” and fully feel encapsulated by the storyline. However, I definitely can see something like “SKAM” being popular with a younger demographic. I have a coworker who’s 17 and she’s always on about what this “Tik Toker” did. I could really see someone of that age and social media interest caring about stalking the instagram of a character on the interactive series, and even I love coming up with theories about what’s next in a series when the new season is about to come out. My idea for interactive networked series is that this could almost be a good marketing move for already existing shows and movies, or for future shows and movies having an instagram of the characters to keep the audience still thinking about what’s to come, whilst waiting for a full length episode or film to come out for viewers like me to get lost in.

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