Interactive Webisodes

What are your thoughts about a networked “tv” series or “webisode” with social media interaction with the audience? What ideas do you have for such a networked interactive series?


If you asked me about interactive T.V series before reading about “SKAM” I would have said about how much I love the idea. I think it is more of a fun and interesting way to connect with the audience and allow the story to be told how the audience wants to view it. After SKAM however, I know see the cons behind it. It can be a very powerful tool that can waste many people’s talent. The whole teaching “the audience to be stalkers” was not a good outcome in this, and even now I am thinking to a movie known as “Nerve”. The main plot of this movie was this interactive game where the audience got to say and vote its participants to do either very illegal or very dangerous acts. The two main characters must find a way to escape the game. This could also be interpretative as a social media interaction with the audience and show the negativity to these things that either teach or allow unmoral like behavior.

On the other hand however, say you have a love triangle, and the audience gets to vote on who they wish to see the main character end up with. This allows the audience to feel like they are a part of the producing process and makes them feel immersed. But then again, to be, that sort of power strips the program to me of its T.V like substance. To me, it wouldn’t feel like a T.V show anymore. Would it be a new genre of television?


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