Final Project: The Madness


For my final project I decided to make another video essay. The reason I decided to do this is, while indeed I do enjoy and am very proud of my video essay assignment, I felt as though that the short length video essay disallowed me to make something that had something more meaningful or personal to say. So, I decided to make a longer one focused on something that very few people know about me. I decided to make a video essay focusing on my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and how I used skateboarding in order to find and develop my coping skills. This turned out to be rather difficult as I found out that while something may have a significant meaning and symbolism to you, making the audience who most likely knows little to nothing about you understand that can be difficult. For me, this challenge took form in trying to convey to the audience the significance of patterns, tapping, knocking, and essentially anything that could be called a physical tick, in relation to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. During the editing process, how I determined to tackle this challenge was to put as many examples of these physical ticks in both a visual and auditory manner so that throughout the narration, while the story that I’m telling is the main focus, the viewer is able to become accustomed to these noises and motions and find a sort of rhythm in them. Hopefully, a comfort in them similar to white noise. I wanted to have this effect as I felt that if I could convey the significance and the comfort that I find in these physical ticks, that I could more successfully convey what it’s like living with OCD and just how significant the coping skills I learned from skateboarding are. While I know I didn’t make the perfect video, I feel as though that this project helped me develop and sharpen my skills as a digital film maker as a whole as it gave me the opportunity to reattempt past concepts such as montage, continuity, remixing, etc. and to effectively combine them to make a fuller and more developed end product.


video sources:

Baker 3

Skateboarding with Andrew Reynolds

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