Final Project (With Artist’s Statement and Final Tweaks)


Artist’s Statement:


I originally wanted to make a fictional video for my final project, but I had trouble thinking of a concrete idea for it. I thought back to my previous video essay assignment about the importance of time. I really liked the subject, so I decided to create a new video essay about time. After doing some studying on concepts related to time, I came across chronoception, also known as the human internal sense of time. I was really surprised at the underwhelming amount of established research on it, so I decided to create a video arguing for its importance and need for increased research.

I split my project into multiple phases. I first began by studying various articles about time perception, human senses, temporal illusions, and the sense of time. I then began putting my essay together. After finalizing it, I recorded and edited my voiceover script. Then came the next phase where I began putting my storyboard together and determining what footage I needed to film. The footage was filmed at various times over a period of about a month. Once I got all the needed footage, I commenced the final phase of editing and putting everything together.

The two features of digital cinema that I focused on were montage and pixel. I used montage editing because I needed the story time to be longer than the total screen time and I felt that it generally worked well in video essays. I also utilized pixel editing but for a very different reason. I thought that it would be a good option for reflecting on my topic. One of my biggest challenges was figuring out how to show something that isn’t visible. The human internal sense of time isn’t a physical object, so I used pixel editing to help visualize the topic for viewers.

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