Final Video Project


Artist Statement:

For this video project, I decided to do my own take on a standard video interview profile. I partnered with Gold Cup Coffee House to create a promo video capturing some of the different features of the shop. This promo video also includes an interview with the owner of the coffee shop, Oksana. Most interview profiles instantly start with the main subject speaking. For my video, I wanted the shop to be the main or first portion of the video. Part of the goal of creating a video that is structured in this way is that so it can be used on social media to promote the shop. People want to see the shop, not just who owns it. Also, since Oksana just manages the shop, she doesn’t actively work as a barista there. Having a step-by-step process of the coffee shop experiences helps the viewer become more engaged with the video, gives an insight to things customers don’t often get to see, and it makes them more invested in the interview that comes after.

I incorporated sound effects and shots consisting of continuity to create a flow through the first part of the video. I wanted the sound effects to stand out without any background noise getting in the way. This creates a more immersive video. By focusing on specific sounds, it’s easier for the viewer to tell what is happening without any talking going on. ┬áDoing a variety of shots keeps the video interesting and creates a more realistic sense of how things move around as well as how time passes by.

To record the video I used a Canon 6D Mark II and a Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens. The interview was recorded with a lavalier mic. All footage was shot with natural/shop lighting.


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