Hypercinema Blog Post

I chose Bear 71. I found that it felt like playing a game because I was able to move around the world and click on things to watch videos or view information. However it also felt like a video or movie because the narrator continued speaking no matter what I did. In some ways, that made exploration hard because I was focusing on the narrator and wasn’t able to read the information at the same time. One part I really liked were the videos that would pop up while the narrator talked, in my opinion it was more entertaining than the world, because even though the world was interesting it got somewhat repetitive after a minute or two. I did like the world a lot though for the most part. The layout was very interesting, and melded well with the story. I enjoyed searching for Bear 71, and found that the man made elements made hunting harder because they were distracting, and this went along well with the points the narrator was making. This work was narrative, and told a linear story, with exploration options, but mostly linear because the narrator spoke their parts and it seemed like those parts happened no matter what I did, other than the obvious pause, rewind, and fast forward. I found the overall story very intriguing, going back and forth between maps, cameras, and videos was very engaging and kept me watching. The ending was very powerful, especially the part about the train, and that was made more powerful by the mix between video and map. This worked well because I saw the video, and that was impactful, but then when i went to search for Bear 71 again, I realized that she was still at the train tracks, and wasn’t going to go anywhere else. That made it feel like I had actually found her, and made the loss feel more real.

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