Planetside 2 Player Interview – 491 Final

During my time at Washington State University, I’ve taken a few classes regarding the composition and narrative of cinema. Most recently is Digital Cinema where the modern technologies of the time can impact and shape the cinematic experience of watching a video no matter what it may be. This cultivated interest in cinema fostered well with a hobby of mine within one of my favorite video games, Planetside 2. The game is a massive open world war shooter, and while I enjoy playing in the warfare, I’ve found over the last year that I enjoy recording its moments of war just as much.

I decided that my class final would then be an interview of players from the game along with footage of the war that goes on within its virtual environment. I recorded all my shots as an in-game avatar along with volunteering players whom I reached out to on game’s Reddit board ‘/r/Planetside’ where parts of the community spend time at. The most difficult part of this project was gearing down all the interview footage I had into something concise and clear without having the need to understand all the context of Planetside 2. What was initially a video talking about each player’s favorite vehicle to drive, class to play as, or weapon to shoot, was slowly whittled down to what is fun about the Planetside experience and why do these players enjoy it?

I had been unable to gather a few key B-Roll shots to better visually illustrate what each player is talking about, such as showing many aircraft attacking a specific vehicle one interviewee mentions. But I was still happy with the footage I did manage to get. At the time of this writing, I had submitted the video to the community reddit page, and to my surprise found it reposted on another reddit board ‘r/PCGaming’ to which the post made it to the front page. To see positive reactions and even cross sharing of my content makes me happy, and I’m glad that the project in the end was enjoyed by the community.

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