Blog Post: Hypercinema

The work I chose to view was Bear71. When I first loaded up the site, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, what I got an incredibly exciting narrative about a bear. I enjoyed having the audio tell me the story while I followed the bear and watch its journey through the story. While the bear was following instincts, having its story told through multimedia, such as clicking on different outdoor cameras to see it living its’ life worked well to help build the bear as a “character.” And having videos appear helped to organize the story in a chapter-like format.
Its interface was engaging to say the least, as I wasn’t set to follow one path, I could make my own and see a digital living breathing forest by interacting with cameras that captured photos and video of real wildlife, and I think it’s this ability to understand and engage with other parts of the “forest” that helped to promote that sense of exploration.

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