DTC 491 Final

So, for my final project, I decided to do a recipe video with my friend because I’ve never done a recipe video before and I wanted to try something new and play around and see what happens. I will admit that I didn’t give myself enough time to do the best that I could, but overall, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about making a recipe video. It’s definitely a lot different than doing a narrative or an interview. I did have a different vision in mind for the video, though; I wanted to make it more cinematic instead of it being a simple recipe video, but because of lack of time, planning, and scheduling problems, I didn’t reach what I expected. 

If I could re-do it again, I’d give myself at least a month in advance to film and edit. I’d leave out the voiceover and film my friend doing a different recipe that involves more than a mug and involves moving around the kitchen, such as making a fancy cheeseburger. I’d skip the basic close-up shot of the ingredients being added and instead film my friend doing the steps using different frames such as a long shot reveal behind a wall to her opening her fridge, over the shoulder shot of her grabbing the tomatoes from the fridge, medium shot of her cutting the lettuce, close up shot of the buns coming out of the toaster, etc. I would also add color corrections, music, sound effects, and motion tracking so the video would look more cinematic because I don’t want it to look like a typical recipe video, but more like a movie. But overall, I liked how it turned out for a first recipe video and I’m excited to try more of it in the future and see what else I can add to it.

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