Loop-de-Loops: Looping Assignment

I created three loops, two with small narratives and one cinemagraph. My first loop is called ‘Cause and Effect’; I tried to utilize continuity editing to create a never-ending sequence of catastrophe. My second loop is called ‘All We Lost.’ In it, I tried using contrast and montage to showcase both the character’s romantic hopes and dreams, and the stark reality she’s now living in. Finally, I created a cinemagraph…

September 17, 2019

Time Frames

When I think about time a few things come to mind. When someone is waiting for something to happen they constantly check their phone and typically it seems to make time slow down. My first video depicts this. When looped it displays time as unchanged in spite of the amount of times the video plays. The second video plays a 1 second clip of a clock with the section hand…

September 15, 2019


LOOPS Exact Repetition short-term memory =  under 20 seconds beginning > middle > end semi-static (infinite loop)   complex loops – variable duration of each shot fookedonhonix fookedonhonix loops in new media – movement and interactivity FilmText, by Mark Amerika Zoe Beloff   Simultaneous Loops spatial montage = “coexisting temporalities” (Lev Manovich) Flora petrinsularis by Jean-Louis Boissier 1993 Interactive Cinema, by Uda Atsuko http://www.iamas.ac.jp/~makura/index_old.html   Sequential Loops Eric Loyer calls “temporal polyrhythms”…

September 6, 2018