Looping Videos


As a younger millennial that grew up with dial-up internet, looping gifs and videos have a bit of a nostalgic place in my heart. Some websites and creators stick out, such as Cyriak and his surreal looping animations that captivated me and made me wonder just how these things were made. Luckily, I’m finally able to give it a shot!

Spin to Win: Infinite Loop

Of course, my first stab at a looping video is going to be directly inspired by Cyriak’s work. Using the Rotobrush tool in After Effects, I was able to isolate my head from footage I filmed of myself spinning in place. Even with the AI assisted rotoscoping, this was a long and tedious process that had to be redone multiple times to get an acceptable effect. I held a single frame from the footage and masked out my head from the shot and filled the space with gradients to mimic the shadows. A quick drop shadow on the floating heads and some looping expressions made the final stretch easy. The text was on the white board was also added in After Effects, as it felt a little too empty.

Music is “Mars Cantina” by Whole Other.

Light Switch: Continuity Loop

I love surreal loops in particular. Emulating M.C. Escher’s impossible looping architecture, time travel, or perhaps just a series of strange doppelgangers, I made this short looping video that cuts to make it appear that I’m in more than one place at a time. My original plan incorporated more shots to work with continuity editing, including a different angle of myself walking down the hall before the turn as well as walking down the stairs after flipping the light switch. These were cut to meet the time requirement of the assignment. By only showing myself walk off the frame rather than down the stairs, the temporal distortion implied in the narrative space of the video is diminished, but with the short timing between iterations, it is still implied.

Music is “Egyptian Crawl” by Jason Shaw on AudionautiX.com

Video Editing: Montage Loop

This semester I am taking Advanced Digital Cinema, Advanced Animation, and I’m working on the video team for Senior Seminar. In my free time, I’m learning and experimenting with new techniques of animating and compositing video. Sometimes it feels like I live in Adobe Creative Cloud. Sometimes the editing feels endless, ending one project just to start another. This short loop is autobiographical in that sense. It was shot entirely in POV shots and never shows my face intentionally to put the viewer into my position. The first part of the loop is made of short cuts that jump back and forth almost rhythmically to mimic the flow state of working on a project. The last portion of the loop hangs on the loading bar of Media Encoder, bringing down the pace of the video the same way rendering can grind the workflow to a halt.

Music is “Ectoplasm” by Jason Shaw on AudionautiX.com


My video production skills are rough, but I enjoyed working on this assignment and using video to express myself and my interests. In other classes I’ve had the chance to make other looping videos such as frame-by-frame animation loops and walk cycle animations. I look forward to experimenting more with looping content and combining both animation and cinema.

Nicole Davis Loop Assignments

Continuity Loop

For my Continuity Loop, I decided to do something simple, so I made a bowl of cereal. I mainly focused on the cereal itself, never moving the frame from the bow. I used extreme close-up and close-up shots to show the main focus of the scene, which is making the bowl of cereal. I also made this loop an infinite loop through the opening and closing of the cabinet door to get the bowl for the cereal.

Montage Loop

For my Montage, I wanted to make a funny and fast-paced scene of picking out a movie for movie night and starting the movie. I used multiple different angles of the room and close-ups of actions used to play and choose which DVD we were going to watch. I used some scenes and exaggerated movements to make the scene look funny such as cutting to a DVD case hitting a wall after it was taken out of the tv shelf.

Infinite Loop

For my Infinite Loop, I chose to further edit the first loop I submitted of my cat walking on the top of her cat tree playing with her feather toy. I really liked it since the scene is only one camera angle making it a simple shot, and the top of the cat tree makes a circular pant which she walks on to get her toy. I edited the end seconds of this loop to be the first few seconds of the loop so her walk around the top of her tree would be continuous.