Final Project

This is my final project, it’s a behind the scenes look at a Portland Winterhawks hockey game.  I thought this topic would be interesting, because while people go to the games, you don’t really know about the people behind the scenes, such as the PA announcer, the game operations/sound guy, and the videographer.  This video, while really fun to make, and be at the games, was extremely frustrating, with the…

December 14, 2017

Round the Bend – Final!

For this project I really wanted to focus on integrating my interests and talents into the film medium. While I do not have much experience in filming, I am knowledgable in costume design, monster creation, and framing. I wanted to really highlight these skills by creating my own monster and featuring it in a short film. However, I needed help in bringing this project to life, so I got some…

December 13, 2017

Forgotten-Final Project

Forgotten is a hybrid/fictional video that focuses on a girl that suddenly wakes up in the forest. Unable recall past events that could have to lead her to where she is, she tries to uncover the truth to the forest and discover why she was brought there. However, some things are better left undiscovered… Why is it named Forgotten?: This video was given the name “Forgotten” due to the main…

November 15, 2017

Interactive Cinema – Wander

Wander is a calm interactive cinema where the main character comes across a path within a forest. She decides to venture forward, but where she goes will be up for the viewers to decide. As the viewers continue on, they will discover the beauty of the area that she is in and also how she came across it in the first place (it will explain why the footage is recorded…

November 2, 2017

Interactive Cinema

“The Database” by Lev Manovich explains the form of new media. CD-ROM’s are storage media and are the most obvious examples of popular multimedia encyclopedia, collections by definition (219) CD’s are a collection of recipes, quotations, photographs and so much more. HTML, a website, is a sequential list of separate elements; text blocks, images, video clips, and links to so many different web pages. You can upload files and links to any website. Websites are medium due to…

October 26, 2017

Blog #4 – Visual Evidence

One of the hardest things to do within record cinema documentaries/news video is creating a story that gets the main ideas of the director/filmer across to the audience without any different or off-topic ideas coming about. While many types of footage can be captured, “[shots bear] only an ideal relationship to what is shown” and must be”carefully constructed [to become an] analog that has been abstracted from the footage that…

September 27, 2017

(Stipan) Video Loops

Here are my 3 video loops. One I did of me going into Gamestop to be coming out later on the night to represent how we shop all the time.  The second is a copier machine to copy a paper and grabbing the paper afterwards. Lastly is me getting home from school, ready for bed, just to get up the next morning and do it again.

September 21, 2017

(Stipan) Cinema in the Digital Age/ Run Lola Run Post

Last week in our Cinema class, we watched a movie called “Run Lola Run” and it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The movie was interesting with showing many jumps between real life to cartoon shots. The movie had a lot of cinema and narrative techniques throughout the movie.   A few cinema techniques it did was the “Long Shot” take, which was used with Lola ran. The camera would be on the side of her…

September 20, 2017

Who Dunnit? – Fun Gone Too Far

For this Who Dunnit video, the culprit almost seems obvious as she is the only one in the scene, however that isn’t the case. I wanted to create a scene of an incident where someone destroyed an object, yet when I got home, I came back to this room just covered in stuffing with the guts of a stuffed animal in the middle of it. While I know who had…

September 6, 2017