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Hi I'm Daniel I do art animation is hard but i try

Final Project Submission

Hi there! I really enjoyed this class, I was unsure of what to create even up until the day I filmed this so I had a bit of a tough time getting all the editing and footage together, the biggest problem was that I had a script for the story and I had to cut out a great chunk of the dialogue and see how things could fit together. The idea of this was that me, an actor in my video is going on an online date with a girl after a bit of prior chatting. They hit things off, but eventually she lets out that shes actually been a setup and she is trying to actually take over his computer. I consider this a sort of hybrid video because I was working with the idea of spacial montage with the idea of Skype, as well as I wanted to work on my effects and ability to change the video like I did with the glitching effects. For the sake of continuity I decided that the entire thing had to be done in one shot, which was unfortunately an obstacle to overcome when I ran into the trouble of a limit, I brought it down as close to 5 minutes as I could but unfortunately was unable to cut it down all the way. This was my attempt at making somewhat of a romantic/dramatic story of a comupter girl taking pity on a lone graphic designer looking for love, please enjoy! I’ve had a wonderful time this quarter.

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  1. I am curious, did you just screen cast your desktop and actually have a video chat session? I am so used to having skype lag, and the video become pixelated that I wondered if this was an acted out chat session or if you filmed the video itself and then created an interface for it. Either way, it was very well done. I liked the effect you used with the computer. Though I am confused, did she hack his computer or something?

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Video Essay

I feel that video essays combine sound graphic and motion in a similar way that a documentary does. The sound and vocal can allow the viewer to obtain information, while the image and motion can be used to help the viewer stay interested and prove points/ show rather than tell. In a video essay you are almost always really attempting to prove something to somebody, such as proving that you know what you are doing or prove to the viewer that they can do it too. Or, maybe they are attempting to create an argument as a written essay would, where you pick a side of an argument and prove how you are right. This is of course, done in the most fundamental way possible; to show, don’t tell. Like stated above, the viewer is spoken to so that they may take in the information that the creator wishes to present, talking points, points of reference, or counterpoints. Then, they viewer is given photo or video evidence that may instruct the viewer or prove the presenters points. Just as life has always been, we  as people always need to see visual proof to be convinced of anything and this form allows any one content creator to do just that. The start of a visual essay I feel should almost always start with research, writing either a script or general ideas, or possible even start compiling evidence for the viewer.


For my final, I plan on doing a computer oriented film similar to that of “unfriended” where the entirety of the screenplay takes place in the computer and through a video camera. The plot I am thinking of is a sort of romance where somebody meets somebody else on line and they form a relationship. I still might play with that idea, it feels very cliche.

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Interactive Media

For my assignment, while I looked at a few of the sites the one I focused on was “The Flat”. Storytelling was an incredibly important part to the story, and it felt more like a game than a click through video. I assume this is due to the timer found on the side. However, the effects of the film and even the look of the hyperlinks easily give you a feel for what the narrative will be. What I think is genius for the given setting is that the viewer can not only click through the apartment but is also able to move the camera around, changing the lens that we give the interact-ee, which is generously the main key to the ending of the story. The ability to move the camera is important to the exploration aspect as it allows the viewer to find some of the secrets in the story. However, even though the viewer is able to move the camera as text appears and things happen in their frame, no matter where the camera moves it appears to follow good angles. It uses close ups and long shots well while allowing the viewer to choose almost the level of depth they experience in the story.

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Job Profile

This is my job profile of Richard Inouye, the director of the Clark College concert and jazz band, as well as my father.

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Networked Cinema

Based on what I read in the Google material and what I find draws me t web series on youtube, I believe that what makes the best youtube series is to have 2 things; relatable content and an an eye-catching thumbnail. Amongst the absolute flood of Youtube videos, the ones that receive the most attention tend to be the ones that can catch your attention with a flashy, funny, maybe even disgusting thumbnail. From there, the content must be relatable, interesting, there has to be something that people want, not just you ranting about 50 different topics in 10 seconds. For example, a web series that I really enjoy is from the video game journalists Polygon, the particular series is Monster Factory. In this series, two members of Polygon create grotesque characters in a game with complex character creation aspect, and play the game with them. This may not sound like much, but nearly anybody who has played a game that allows for character creation has made a horrid monster for the fun of it. This series does just that and provides hilarious commentary to follow, its essential providing people with material to bond over doing things that they would do at home. It’s relatable, interesting, and involving. The thumbnail is how you bring your series attention and the content is what keeps your viewers watching, the ability to access the internet is how you can allow your popularity to spread.

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Composite Video

For my Video, I decided to work with green screen and make a silly video with the effects provided.

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Hybrid Cinema

The link that I chose to post about was playdamage.org and when you click on the link, you are presented with a loop of music and visuals including mens faces very close up and words, in a sort of flowing montage. This felt similar to the sort of avant-garde way that Manavich spoke of digital cinema and media one page 13, speaking of the aesthetic of a collage involving illusionism and discontinuity. He then goes on to say that this form of media is now instead, divorced from regular cinema. Taken from this, I believe one is allowed to take this website and almost create an entirely new space for it, almost a depiction of a sort of purgatory, repeating and endless. In the text Manvich talks about what cinema is. “What is digital cinema?” Digital cinema is a particular case of animation that uses live-action footage as one of its many elements.” (9) Now I eel that this description would qualify the loop as cinema but I don’t believe that it is necessarily so. The clip as a whole is sort of mind bending but makes me a bit intrigued to look into this type of art myself.

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Movie Trailer Remix

I know the assignment was supposed to only be 60 seconds however so much of the footage matched with the chosen trailer audio that I had to keep nearly the full cut.

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Visual Evidence Assignment

If I were to cover the Eagle Creek fire, I would want to interview some of the people directly impacted by the fire such as residents and those who work in the area, or if I can get it, somebody studying and discovering the pattern of the fire. However my B-roll would most likely be the smoke coming out of eagle creek, bad traffic, and If I can get the shot, the helicopters people attempting to put out the fire, as well as most likely a shot of the river with any one or more shot stated previously. This would allow the viewer to pick up on the fact that I am covering something about a fire, and that it is somewhere possibly nearby due to the familiar river in the shot. As possible visual evidence, I would use shots of areas already damaged by the fire to solidify it for the viewer. Played together, I would attempt to use shots of burned houses and woodlands while a resident of the area speaks, then possibly show powder or water being dumped on a house either up in flames or near flames. “You have to dig for images that help advance the story, that give the viewer information as well as something to look at while someone talks.”(109)

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Narrative styles and Cinema in the Digital Age

Most likely the most prevalent narrative technique used in “Run Lola Run” was the use of loops, as this was the premise of the entire story. The theme is a girl who is ‘running’ through multiple scenarios or timelines where she is attempting to save her boyfriend, Manny, from a thug. Each time she reaches a bad end of her loop, she restarts and tried again. However, being looped like this it sort changes our view completely because we don’t know that the story will be looping until Lola is shot in the first loop. However, because the first loop had timed action shown on clocks all around, it warped our perception of time and allowed them to bend it at will, which is also seen throughout the next few loops, as the move itself was rather long whereas the events of the movie unravel in no more than 20 minutes. A great number of hollywood-like techniques are characters running out of frame to help jump forward in time, or back and forth closeups of characters. Time is completely stretched and compressed by repeated shots, running in and out of frames multiple times, or by just following the character on her way instead of making cuts. The way they seemed to keep the continuity of the shots was by almost always cutting to Lola, in the middle of the frame, doing the same action.

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Time Loops Assignment


Heres one just about general day in the ligfe of a dog, waiting till your owner comes home

The next is sort of how my life feels, going to work, coming home, and going to sleep.

the last is that feeling where you wake up, you’re late for school and leave  panicked, then realize that you weren’t actually awake and you wake up in the real world but that real world is also a dream

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For my Continuity assignment I filmed myself baking scones. It was very tough for me to get all my shots cut down to around 30 seconds so some of the cuts feel a bit awkward. I used a mix of establishing shots, medium and close up shots. I attempted to get the most important and connected shots, however once again the time limit really bit me in the behind. I think what really worked for me was the ability to use similar frames to transition between shots. I only used it once in my video but it helped a lot in cutting down the time and allowing a passage of time. In the scene where I put the batter on the cookie sheet, if I had pulled the pan out of frame before I cut to putting it in the oven it would have looked much better and helped the the viewer follow the passage of time however I wasn’t able to re-take the shot and I don’t have the ability to edit my media at home.

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  1. Daniel,
    This is a good style for covering a recipe. But it is not continuity editing! These are discontinuous jump cuts. Continuity appears to invisible. Match on action, POV, graphic match, empty frame etc. Please try these techniques in later assignments.

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Cinematic Gifs

This first gif I found I found uses time the same way “lunch date” did, where you have characters who do and action in a frame, you remove them from the frame, and suddenly you don’t feel like you missed a step when they’re already far away from the scene of the action. The clip is even long enough and gives enough shots and actions for you to know what sort of character the boys are trying to portray.

The next gif I found was of of an art gallery, where people just cycle in and out. It is obvious where the clip repeats, however if you had a seamless loop of this it could be used as a way to show that time is moving very slowly, as you could just repeat the loop of people coming in and looking then leaving. It’s not a huge space however the shot very perfectly captures the way it feels to walk through a gallery, just sort of browsing quickly, you see it and you move on. However, the creator sped up the gif which allows the viewer to feel that a greater amount of time is passing, and in cinematic terms it would be a scene you insert if your characters are waiting for something to happen.

My last gif accomplishes the same sort of jumping through time that the art gallery gif does, however it compresses even more time into the short clip. This is a trick that is frequently used in cinema to show that a great amount of time is passing, from days to weeks. It implies that every sunrise to sunset is one day, so every time that the gif loops another day passes. In comic book terms, its like Scott shows on page 107 of the reading, explaining that between panels our brain assumes that time is passing, even if its the sun moving another inch up  the page. in the real world, this could equate to a great number of hours however in the compressed form our mind makes the conclusions that the time happened, but it doesn’t feel like a long time has physically passed.

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30 second “Who Dunnit”- Inouye

This is my short video, the quality seems to vary for some reason. I use some extreme close up shots, close up shots, and medium shots although its tough to define each one when Im only shooting paper. I think that an appropriate title for the piece would be “my dog ate my homework but not this homework” and I counted my dog as the actor, so I attempted to get the point across without showing my dog at all. An age old trope that will never get old.

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Framing – Star Trek

For my Framing reference assignment, I chose an iconic scene from one of my favorite movies, the Wrath of Khan. It makes use of medium, medium long shots, long shots, close up, extreme close up, telephoto/zoom shots, low angle shots, as well as an instance of motivated POV shots. The crew is realizing that Khan had been controlling one of the crews members, and then they steal the machine Genesis. Then, it is revealed that Khan’s plan is to leave Kirk and his troop stranded alone in the midle of a dead world. The scene starts with Bones, witnessing a creature crawl out of one of his crew mates ear.

This is a great example of two medium shots, as well as an extreme closeup.

Immediately after, we are given a motivated POV of Kirk Destroying the mind leech.

After this, we go to a great number of shots, switching back and forth between Kirk and Khan as they speak.

mostly these medium shots of Kirk and close up shots of Khan. At one point, they cut over to this woman with a medium shot:

and then back to the close up of this lovely face.

Then, we are given a close up of what the woman was doing, and we see this big machine get warped out of the frame.

Then, we see the crew begin to move into the frame all at a medium distance, trying to stop the machine from teleporting. 

This fails, so we pan the camera over to another medium shot of Kirk

Then we go back to the back and forth, however this time we have a closeup shot of both Kirk and Khan, bringing the camera in a little close to Khans face.

Which leads to the all time famous close up shot of Kirk, screaming “KHAAAANNNNN!”

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What Was Cinema Post 1

I feel the distinction between film and cinema should be made very clear, film, the actual piece of plastic where you record videos and pictures, is dead. Digital photography and video has killed the film industry. However, it should be made very apparent that cinema, the act of creating a moving picture, is nowhere near dead. Now, almost everybody has a phone capable of taking photos or recording videos, allowing anybody at any time to go and record a short film on their mobile device. While it is true anybody can record videos, it should be made very clear that these photos and video should not all be considered cinema.

In my life, the most common form of digital media I use are for creating memories and for finding entertainment. Both of these could be considered the most common automatisms of modern day digital video. Many use it for the same reason, for popularity and a sense of belonging at a wider scale than what is achievable in their every day life. As Rodowick said, “all media evolves in time, then, but not towards a predetermined essence. Rather, they are adapted for various external purposes” (37.)  In my eyes, this is what the newest most popular use of media is, finding popularity or a sense of belonging.

This seems to be a relatively new trend among the age of digital media, seeing as before when film was still the most practical form of cinema was recording it on film it was all about making a statement, telling a story, or making art. That was Cinema, and what happened it is made itself available to so many people on the planet. There are still those out there who claim cinema to be a thriving art, and they are right in a sense. Expression has become easier and its easier to access all of the tools necessary to become a great cinematographer, but even then it feels cinema has become less about telling stories and more about being human, which I find wonderful. but I feel the biggest and most important thing that has happened to media is something that I have repeated numerous times, is that Cinema has moved on from the very select posh group of only those who could afford to create it, and is now available to practically everybody who can hold a camera, making the world of digital video and moving pictures open to everybody.

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About me, Daniel

Hi my name is Daniel Inouye I am a person and this is a post. I work as a deli service person and am a certified lifeguard. I love digital art and animation, my hobbies are drawing and cooking. Im a DTC major hoping to hone my craft. I don’t really have any experience in cinema whatsoever but I am more than willing to learn.

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