Erin Carlie

Hey, I'm Erin and I have a focus on animation (2d and 3d). I like doing animation memes and making costumes!

Round the Bend – Final!

For this project I really wanted to focus on integrating my interests and talents into the film medium. While I do not have much experience in filming, I am knowledgable in costume design, monster creation, and framing. I wanted to really highlight these skills by creating my own monster and featuring it in a short film. However, I needed help in bringing this project to life, so I got some help! That’s where John came in!

With John, I was able to hop around and make the monster really come to life, as I have some experience in acting and have an idea for the movements it makes. He also helped in providing us with an actress, which was again, a great help!


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Extra credit :0

I did some extra credit! Woo hoo! I decided to do my video essay on my favorite corner of youtube, the animation meme community! When one thinks of memes, they think of “troll face” or “how bou dat” girl or some other variant. While animation memes are similar to regular ol memes in that they are imitated often, animation memes are creative works that build off of an original animation.

Hmu if it doesn’t work :0

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Interactive media

Select one of the database or interactive works  from the above list and discuss how narrative and storytelling work to organize the discrete media elements (video, stills images, text, sound, maps, etc.). How does the interface create context for exploration and discovery? Are these works narratives or something else? How are they cinematic? How do they use cinema language?

Manovich explores an interesting definition of the term database, incorporating narrative and visuals into his definition. He discusses narrative and database relations in the context of digital media, noting they have the same dynamics.

Regardless, I looked at the work from dreaming methods, Last Dream. This work breaks down to having multiple media components; text, audio, still images, interactivity, and video.

The work puts you in the perspective of the dreamer, forcing you to navigate the dream in a somewhat linear fashion. The interface doesn’t clue the user into how to navigate the space until they are thrust into the dream world, the screen moving according to the position of the arrow. The interface forces the user to explore possibilities in order to advance.


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Job Profile

Had some interesting experiences doing this. Expect to see a blooper reel soon.

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How to succeed on youtube

As described in the first video “create great content,” finding a niche and working with it goes a long way. Recently, I myself have been attempting to establish a viewership on youtube. At first, the content on my page was entirely school driven, however, since then, I’ve been doing small animations also called animation memes. These are unlike most memes that we see such as Chuck Norris memes or pepe the frog.

At its base, a meme is repeated content, passed from one individual to the next. Animation memes are animations done to songs. They have a format that is laid out by the original poster and then people in the community create their own version of the animation using different characters, usually their own.

Animation meme examples

This community is so niche, animators often collaborate with each other or feature other animators characters. I have found some success with the community as my second most viewed video is an animatic joke meme.

Here are a few examples of my own memes.

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This video highlights process, art, and music. Its a simple montage of sorts, but tied through the fact that the song is present in each clip and that each item of focus is something I have created.

There is a hybridization of digital process and physical space in art. The animation is hand drawn, yet done on a digital program, and later edited in after effects. The later clip is of me in the process of creating a sculpture. The video was shot using a digital camera and there are times where I break film convention and talk to the audience, something most present in the “genre” (if it could be called that) of vlogging.

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Hybrid Cinema – Erin Carlie

Is it truly correct to call Playdamage a form of cinema? is a mixed digital media website (even though it claims it isn’t).

The site consists of over 100 pages of audiovisual content. Most pages have graphics, poetry, songs, and or animation, but not all pages have each of those items.

At a glance the pages don’t have a real narrative, or a solid one at that.


In a sense, this could be called a form of cinema, though different from what we’re used to. On page 6, Lev Manovich describes how behind the scenes, films consist of many tools used to create the illusion of reality. The production of the site, in a sense, must’ve been similar. Assets were needed, animation programs, audio editing programs, coding, image editing programs, and so on. While some of the tools are different (lights and mics compared to photoshop and premier), the idea is similar. Multiple methods and skills were needed to create the final product.

So what else is similar? There’s certainly an audio element and a visual element, but another factor is updates in technology. On the very next page, Manovich talks about the evolution of technology and its role in film. Now, most films are produced with a heavy amount of cgi, even large chunks of the sets are cgi.

For example, back in 2007,  Robert Zemeckis produced a completely cgi Beowulf movie. The graphics are nothing to rave about as nowadays, video games are on par with this estimated $150,000,000 budget film (IMDb). That point aside, if this is considered cinema and done entirely from a set of computers, then what’s stopping other entirely computer generated moving pictures from being cinema? 

Manovich states that digital cinema is “…a particular case of animation that uses live-action footage as one of its many elements.”(9) While the site’s footage is heavily edited, there is a touch of live footage used, most likely from built in computer cameras (another tie in to the evolution of our day to day technology).

To finish off, I’ll show you some screencaps i grabbed as i wen through all 100+ pages of playdamage.

and of course the final page

The text links to an email account.

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Visual evidence

  • Who do you interview?

Interviewing the firefighters and locals would two of the most important groups to interview. These are people are the ones experiencing the wrath of the fire first hand.

  • What is your “B-roll”?  What will be the visual evidence for your story? 

B-roll footage would include structures burning, animals fleeing (if there are any), footage of the people that were interviewed. If this is shot now (post fire), then show a structure or home with a view. Display the destruction the fire has wrought.


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    1. Yeah, it was incredibly difficult to create the continuity with these films since the monsters are always shot to be as imposing as possible (ie long low angle shots). The previous concept i had was going to be connecting the babadook and pennywise the dancing clown, but the babadook has even less screen time, making this idea near impossible.

      I guess its easier to mix other films where the viewer is supposed to identify more with the character being shown rather than the monster that’s chasing them.

      I did notice that most of the footage that worked for the trex was from the later two JP movies.

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Run Run Run

Time shifting is especially noticeable as a feature in Run Lola Run. The film is steeped in modern ideas of technology and time editing. There are three main threads that Lola goes through. Threads meaning threads of time or branches in her time stream/ story.

The movie is meta in a sense that she is able to go back and “edit” or redo her actions much like a video game or a story someone is writing. Normally a character does not have the power to alter their fate, but Lola, through sheer will or other mysterious powers, is able to change her story.

Multiple times in the film, she forces her will upon the universe she resides and it responds, much like a video game. She is constantly running, much like a character being played by someone who constantly mashes the run button in order to get to a destination as quickly as possible. The animation at the beginning of each cycle reads something like a small cutscene or an intro in a video game.

The concept of edits in time and space is referred to in Rombes’ book as Time shifting. He states that it is seen more so in modern cinema due to more technically advanced ways of editing film digitally. Having this power at the editor’s fingertips allows for more daring cuts and time skips in the film.

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Time and Space

This gif if particularly interesting in that it loops perfectly. Animation allows for a lot of wiggle room with perfect looping as it’s a medium that can be manipulated by the animator easily. Much like in the reading, the panel extends past what we can see. Though there is a border, we can tell it extends because the figures move beyond it.


This gif, in a way, shows the concept of drawn out time very well. The only clear movement is the fan and it’s shadow, nothing else moves. The way the shot is framed (medium shot with a wide lense) also aids in highlighting the length of time that is passing.

Lastly, a gif from Scary Movie. The repeating sequence of typing on the computer and the killer trying to get to the woman loops very nicely. By having these two shots side by side, it shows the constant battle for her to get help (in a rather humorous way). The scene itself is short and to the point, showing a good understanding of continuity. We see her typing on the computer, we assume to get help. Then it cuts to the screen, showing us what she is typing, juxtaposed by the threat behind her.

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  1. Erin,
    This is a great short that maybe needs an ending? I love the cut-out creature’s POV shots. And the framing is also very good. But there is not much continuity editing – make links between shots through movement. Try to add these techniques in future assignments – especially the job profile.

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Framing/ Who Dunnit?


And for the framing exercise…..I chose Kubo and the Two String….it was the first thing to come to my mind.

Long Shot no height

Medium long shot high angle

Medium long shot

Medium close up

Medium close up

Medium close up high angle

Long shot

Long shot


Close up

Extreme long shot

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So….What Was Cinema?

Film, as it was, is “dead”.

However, cinema is still alive and lives in a variety of shapes and sizes. While many things have changed along with the rapidly advancing technology, the main purpose of cinema still exists. Cinema thrives because at its core, it must tell a story. For as long as humans have been able to communicate, they’ve told stories, advancing technologies have only made it easier to share these stories with more people.

One thing this passage gets wrong is the spirit of cinema, as the author clings to the idea of physical media.

I myself align with Carroll as mentioned in the text. “[…] Carroll renounces any distinctive definition of film, video, or digital imaging. The best that can be done is to define certain practices […] to pose a general category of artistic expression – moving images – in which criteria of medium specificity are irrelevant.”(pg 38) Similar practices and rules from physical films are still being applied in digitized films. The only difference is the medium in which they are done. A digital painting is still a painting, a story still a story.

Digital video still wants to be what it always has been, a way of telling a story, though advances in technology have allowed more unique forms of video to emerge. Vlogging, unboxing videos, tutorials…with cameras and equipment becoming more readily available to individuals, creating films has become easier than it has ever been. Films like The Blair Witch Project highlight this feature of current film. Another key note about the film is the use of viral online advertisement. The film isn’t the best, but it is unique in its place in time and at how it used previously unused assets to promote the film in a highly effective way.

Take a peak at the original site, originally created in 1998.

Anyone can film and it can be on any subject. The audience is no longer restricted to viewing stories crafted by a group of far off individuals living it up in their mansion in California. The audience can now tell stories of their own and publish them on social media for all to see.

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Hey, I’m Erin and I’m a senior animation major. I have a little bit of video experience, but I know plenty about framing, composition, and other important elements in cinematography!

In my spare time, if I’m not constructing costumes, then I’m drawing or animating. So something I’d like to explore might be voiceovers, tutorials, and other things like that.

Here’s one of my fav youtube videos. 

Also check out my playlist of videos, which is also embedded in the link.

Also also also maybe check out my yt channel?

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