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Fixed Final Project

Hello everyone! Thank you for all your feedback in class the other Thursday! I was so grateful to have been able to show you guys my video ahead of time. Sadly I was not in class our last meeting due to catching the flu. I took the feed back and tried to change it up a bit to where it makes more sense. I defiantly love the original and final equally. The original something I dream’t about and I think I was successful in creating my dream. The final however, I did understand what was confusing about the original creation. I really enjoyed working on this project and I am so grateful for the actors I had for this project. The film was recorded on two cameras and I was the only guy working on the recording. We shot some scenes multiple times, however, as much as I wanted to redo some shots, my actors were too busy during this holiday season with working and school. I hope you guys enjoy and I loved being in this class with all of you.


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Unexpected Loss – Final Project

Unexpected Loss tells a story about a man who was with his girlfriend for 3 years. On their 3 year anniversary, he was going to take her out on a date and propose to her. Unfortunately, there was a drunk driver on the road that crashed into him; ending his life. This video is based off of a real event.

I chose the name “Unexpected Loss” due to how unexpected this man’s death was. It was a tragic thing that to this day, I still can’t believe it happened.

This video is more of a narrative since it tells the story of these two and her loss in around 3 minutes. I have been editing for about 2 years now and I’m constantly learning now tricks and ideas to make my videos better.

I did the recording solo. I used two cameras (Camera provided and Cannon) for certain shots. The three actors in my video were my closest friends and I’m grateful they were able to help. The only downfall was the short free time they had to do this project as most of the time they had work during the busy holidays. The one hovering above asking Tim to “stay with him” was me.

Some effects I used for this video were blurriness to make the driver seem like he was under the influence, as well as rain when Tim was on the street due to him being able to only do the scene on a day that was not raining. I also learned blurred some scenes in and out when the rain starts falling.

Hope you all enjoy and I really enjoyed being in this class!

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Interactive Cinema

Hello everyone!

I am very upset due to the fact that all of my ideas for this project failed me. I originally was going to have a friend dress up as a killer who is chasing me through the house and the choices the viewer did, would choose whether I lived or died, however, my friends kept constantly bailing on me and when we finally did get the footage, it corrupted. After that I tried doing a “Lets go back to the 90s” thing with a collaboration of 90s toy commercials, 90s music videos, 90s cartoons, teens reacting to 90s toys, and 90s video game commercials. I was going to make a HTML but, it constantly failing on me. I wound up just putting videos at the end through youtube (the only way I know how it’d work). I was very excited for what I was originally going to do, but time was running out. Here is my collaboration of 90s music with choices of the next video at the end!

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Video Essay and Final Idea Blog

Throughout the Ted Talk, Evan talks about the history of essays and how just the word “essay,” can give you nerving memories or fears from past memories with essays. He then talks about video essays and how movies including ones with narrators explaining information during the movie. Another example of video essays is news reports as they explain information or like the example we were given, 4 people were debating over the damage from the Avengers. I personally think that video essays are very interesting. They are a way to tell a story with visuals and keeping the viewer interested. I personally get tired from reading a long essay, however, I can watch the news or watch a documentary just fine. Narrators are a good way of explaining information for the viewer in case there are some information they don’t quite understand. Even youtubers talk about world events that go around in real time. For example; one youtuber I watch talks about news reports of dumb things teenage kids have been caught doing, which some I find hysterical.  


For my final project, I was thinking to do a video about my experience at target. I have always found the editing that youtubers do to be quite fascinating. YouTube inspired me to make a YouTube channel called the Beepingnerds, which I have mentioned a few times. I have really enjoyed making videos of my friends and I playing video games, however, we also do videos of hunting down rare video game items, unboxing videos, etc. Like I mentioned, my final will be me traveling to target and doing shopping with difference cut outs, angles and funny b-role. My video is similar to Liza, a famous youtube that my fiancé really enjoys.  The things I will need are mostly location, which I will be using the Target on 164th and millplain. 


Here is an example of what it would be like:  


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Interactive Cinema

“The Database” by Lev Manovich explains the form of new media. CD-ROM’s are storage media and are the most obvious examples of popular multimedia encyclopedia, collections by definition (219) CD’s are a collection of recipes, quotations, photographs and so much more. HTML, a website, is a sequential list of separate elements; text blocks, images, video clips, and links to so many different web pages. You can upload files and links to any website. Websites are medium due to web pages and computer files being able to be edited. Websites cannot rarely be completed, because they are constantly updated. All media objects are databased, for example; Computer games or even console games are experience by the player as narratives. For one of the interactive work, I chose “Seances” because it intrigued me the most.

The link starts with interesting sounds playing in the background as the images of a man shows up in very blurry imagery. To watch one of the videos, you must hold down the right mouse clicker. The video had a lot of hypertext and even told you to sit back and relax as the video started. The video was “The Boggling Air” which showed a man in the bathtub. The video was very unsettling and kind of creepy. The video used hybrid layers as well as telling a narrative story with sentence structure. The video was silent with audio playing and although I was unfamiliar with the story, the video was based with real people, using quick cuts hybrid layering and visuals.

There were other videos depending on when you hold down your mouse when a new letter appeared for the sentence. It was a good way to interact with the view to go along with the webpage.

Another Interactive media that interested me was Bear 71. This was like nothing I’ve ever seen! The video is 20 mins long (so it says) and you watch as this bear travels through the woods. The video becomes a grid-type game as you play as a human who can follow the bear or even go exploring somewhere else. As you follow the bear, the bear can react with the environment and even walk into camp sights. Its a great use of visual evidence and even visual story telling.

These stories are so interesting with the way the user can interact with the story. There are so many different ways to draw their attention besides just a film.

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Job Interview – Columbia Freight Systems

For this project, I decided to interview my Father, who is the owner of a trucking company “Columbia Freight Systems.” I had many questions for him and even had some footage of my mother answering question, however, with a two minute maximum, it was really hard to cram most of it. I had to cut my mother’s questions completely. I asked my father to state his name and job, how many employees he has, his life before owning a company, hardest part of owning a company and lastly his company’s locations. My father was a little nervous being recorded, but overall did good!

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Network Youtube Post

It seems like this day in age, YouTube is destroying all other websites. YouTube is used by over 1,300,00,000 people with 300 hours of videos uploaded every minute! Over 5 billion videos are watched every day. YouTube has even made many average people famous. From people such as Markiplier, Pewdiepie and Jackceptieye. Many of these youtubers are so successful, because they are passionate with their videos. According to “Create New Content” they explain that if you’re passionate about their videos, which build a bigger fan base. Before writing a script, YouTubers think of things that people would want to share.   

A channel that I really enjoy watching is called “Game Grumps,” which I’ve been watching since the channel started 5 years ago. They are a simple channel with video game “lets plays” as two guys sit on a couch and make commentary. They make some videos for commercials and a lot of the YouTubers for their channel even makes cartoons and voice act as well. Another very famous youtuber I watch is “Markiplier,” who is also a let’s player and even makes live videos with his friends.  

This channel got me interested in making my own channel called “Beepingnerds.” My channel has a lot of different content to please multiple audiences. My four friends and I would get together and do “let’s plays” as well as a few “Try not to laugh challenges,” Unboxing and even Taste testing videos. I have some videos with my best friend, Tim and I playing the newest games as well as videos with my brother and I unboxing and a few blog videos of me buying or ordering the newest “nerdy” gadgets. By uploading a video daily or even weekly, doesn’t guarantee you will get an audience right away. However, you can add tags to your video, so whoever is searching with the tags you added, has a better chance of finding your video. I have been doing my channel for a few months now and only have 60 subscribers. One key is always being patient and keep uploading those videos. It’s not possible to get a huge fan base right away. It can take months, even years. Creating an Instagram, Facebook and Twitter helps getting your channel out as well.  

YouTube is not just a website, but a business, finding youtubers with high ratings and paying them to advertise. According to the reading, you must have at least 10,000 views in order to participate in advertising. Many popular unboxing channels are given packages from High end companies such as Game companies, technology companies and even furniture companies to unbox and review items that are weeks before release to build a hype and overall sell more.  

 Overall, creating a YouTube channel can be nerve racking, however, if you don’t let those fears get to you and upload, eventually you’ll find people who really love your stuff and will watch over and over again. Whether you make lets plays, unboxing videos, sketches or even blogs, eventually you will build a fanbase and the more videos you make, the more people will find your channel. Share with as many people as you can and don’t let anyone get in your way.  

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Kingdom Hearts Hybrid Video

For my hybrid video, I decided to combine my favorite video game series “Kingdom Hearts” I took the intros from 4 of the games and changed the video quality for each one. It looks like a combined mess, however, it does look quite interesting ad the scenes from each game with one another. I was going for the same technique as the “Starwarswars” hybrid video we saw.

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What is Digital Cinema

Throughout cinema’s history, many techniques were used during film. For example; lighting, art direction and even different lenses to get different captures. Even for actors such as Andrei Tarkovsky (family film-painter) was asked if he was interested in abstract film. He believed “Cinema’s most basic gesture is to open the shutter and to start the film rolling, recording whatever happens to be in front of the lens.”  

Cinema in the digital age have always focused on the possibilities of interactive and narrative, which is no surprise since viewers watch cinemas for the storytelling. However, no matter how exciting the story is or the different paths of narrative space, or even how interesting the characters are, narrative is more important.  

The problem is with the right amount of money, anything can be photo-realistic entirely on computer using 3-D animation. Stated in the article; “it is now possible to generate photorealistic scenes entirely in a computer using 3-D computer animation; to modify individual frames or whole scenes with the help a digital paint program; to cut, bend, stretch and stitch digitized film images into something which has perfect photographic credibility, although it was never actually filmed?”(Pg. 3) The effects are easily able to do with the evolution of technology we have today. Anybody can take a video and change it to make it something unique and hybrid. The whole idea behind hybrid and digital cinema is it heavily uses effects and animation due to becoming the “foundation of digital filmmaking”(Pg. 20) 

Starwarswars.com is a website created by fans that has all movies from 1 through 6 all playing at the exact same time. This is done by editing and effects as figures when the hybrid cinema have scenes of Luke or C3P0 standing while all other movies play behind it. It’s hard to keep track of what movie you’re seeing for that split second.  

Another is Playdamage.orge which allows you to click to each hybrid video from very bizarre glitchy music with guitar music in the background or Backstreet Boys loop of “yeah” playing to a guy dancing. To even a man’s head moving as a very fast pace song plays. This gives the viewers of hybrid cinema while each scene stands out in their own way.  

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Visual Evidence Assignment

One of the most horrible events to have happened to Oregon was the Eagle Creek Fire that started on September 2nd, 2017. The fire started at approximately 4 p.m. in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. The fire grew over 3,000 acres overnight. Within September 4th and 5th, the east winds caused the fire to rapidly grow to over 20,000 acres and even traveled to Washington near Acher Mountain. As of September 23rd, the fire has spread over 46,000 acres and is 46% contained.  

For my 5-minute story about the fire, I would start the video with film of the fire going around while in the background, I talk about when it started, and how much it burned in the first few days.  

Then film the aftermath of the Gorge and other locations hit with the fire. I would then interview the women who caught the kids lighting the fireworks as well as the kids who did it. I would ask the women to explain what she witnessed and said and then ask the kids what they were thinking and if they regret what had happened.  

Although according to the article, it states that you have to show the footage of evidence that sparks the memory of what you recorded, because your audience wasn’t there, but you were. Unfortunately, I was not there when the fire started, however, I think my b-roll would be footage of the kids who were caught on recording as they light the firecracker at the gorge. I would then record the smoke in the air as well as the traffic of all the residents that were evacuated. I would then interview the people who recorded it. Also, my b-roll would be the footage I’d take of the locations now, proving the destruction that was caused by those kids.  

I would record footage of the towns and neighborhoods that were evacuated during the event as well as narrating in my voice in the background. I would interview the evacuated citizens and ask how it felt being told to leave everything behind. I then would end with how the fire is still going on and how it continues to move.   

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For my Trailer Montage, I wanted to turn a kid’s movie into a horror movie. I recently saw the new “IT” movie and really enjoyed it! I recently watched the live action “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” movie and thought how creepy they made the Grinch look. I decided to do a Grinch horror movie trailer and added “The Christmas Story” to add more kids into it. I think it turned out great and really enjoyed making it!

Movies: IT, Christmas Story, The Grinch

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  1. Joseph, the is an effective trailer remix and funny, but the montage is mostly between the sound of one film and the images of another. I was mostly looking for visual edits for this montage. But still well done.

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(Stipan) Video Loops

Here are my 3 video loops. One I did of me going into Gamestop to be coming out later on the night to represent how we shop all the time.  The second is a copier machine to copy a paper and grabbing the paper afterwards. Lastly is me getting home from school, ready for bed, just to get up the next morning and do it again.

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(Stipan) Cinema in the Digital Age/ Run Lola Run Post

Last week in our Cinema class, we watched a movie called “Run Lola Run” and it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. The movie was interesting with showing many jumps between real life to cartoon shots. The movie had a lot of cinema and narrative techniques throughout the movie.  

A few cinema techniques it did was the “Long Shot” take, which was used with Lola ran. The camera would be on the side of her as she took off down the sidewalk. Impossible camera movements were used as Lola ran down the hallway of her apartment as the camera flew into the neighbors’ room as she was talking on the phone, with then the camera floating into the television to show the next frame.  

A narrative technique was used when Lola encountered a few strangers on the streets. One was an old lady, that Lola ran into while running. After the lady yelled at her, a few flashes would show her previous memories. Another was a man on a bike who offered Lola to buy it. It flashes back to the kid getting bullied and I believe stealing the bike. In Run Lola Run, the several different versions of the same event tell the story not only of Lola and her boyfriend Manni, but of the process of nonlinear editing itself, whereby shots and sequences are pieced together in potentially endless configurations, each one telling a slightly (or drastically) different story.(Pg. 74) Not only was the story different for Manni and Lo 

Another interesting, yet confusing narrative technique is that we saw three different ways the story could have ended. One with Lola dying, another with Manni dying and lastly, both figuring out the situation and living happily ever after. “We might associate with a film like Run Lola Run, where Lola repeats her quest to secure money to save her boyfriend. In one regard, the user’s ability to manipulate units of time in cinema today parallels the activity that used to be the domain of the director or editor.”(Pg. 125) Constantly throughout the 3 different stories we saw, each character was staring at the clock, representing the amount of time. Throughout the movie we also saw how each choice Lola and Manni chose, impacted how the ending was going to turn out. For example; when Manni and Lola shot up the store to rob them, the cops shot Lola down. Another with Lola robbing her father and calling Manni over. Manni stopped in the middle of the street, which got him ran over by the ambulance. Lastly, Lola went the safer approach and gambled instead of robbing and Manni ran into the man who stole his money in the first place. This not only paid off the man who was going to kill Manni, but they made 100,000 dollars to spend.  

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(Stipan) Making Something

For my project, I was originally going to do a 30 minute workout and trim it down to 30 seconds, however, before doing so, I re-read the instructions and saw I had to make something to completion. That is when I decided to make spaghetti instead. I made sure to take the shots from different angles. Form far distant shots away of the sink as I poured water into the pot, as well as close up shots of the boiling water and shots looking up as the steam from the noodles cooking flew into the air. I took a shot of the time when I started making it, to a shot of the clock at the end of the video, proving I did it for 30 minutes. The video has myself and my fiance taking turns making the spaghetti as some shots show my body and others show her. This was fun to shoot considering I got to make it with my fiance as well as making dinner! Because it as spaghetti, I filmed my fiance pouring a glass of wine to go along with it. The only part of the video that will be a little off is after I stir the tomato sauce, it cuts straight to me serving a bowl. During the time between those two shots, I stepped out of the kitchen to find out my fiance added the noodles to the sauce without me recording it. Because the recordings is a bunch of conversations between me and my fiance, I decided to add some relaxing piano music to make the video fun and enjoyable! I hope you guys like it!


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  1. Joseph, This great with framing and pacing, but the cuts are mostly discontinuous jump cuts. There is one cut, the move closer to the can while it is being opened that is a match on action. Try to find these moments in editing and shooting.

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(Stipan) McCloud’s Time Frame Post

Throughout the comic (Understanding Comics), Scott McCloud describes the “infinitely weird” time frame within comics. This is due to how the usage of words in a frame can change the impact of the frame. “From a lifetime of conversations, we can be sure that a “pause” panel like this lasts for no more than several seconds.”(pg. 100) This meaning that whenever a panel is just a scene with no dialogue, we know that its a pause scene. Whether you add multiple pause scenes or lengthen the image, these can make a difference in our perception of time.

McCloud explains that motion in comics produced by panels, creates the mental process called “closure.” Which is explains with panels of a moon rising to really the sun or a man running to jump in the air and land. McCloud talks about how lines became more refined to simulate a swing of a bat or fist. Movement of “motion lines” where a man is deeply drawn with multiple behind it, slowly getting lighter shows the hand moving very fast.

At the begining McCloud shows how the word “Smile” indicates the start of an event. We then simulate in our heads the sound. Within the cinema world, sound and long takes are all very important in the role of a single panel. I chose 3 gifs that I would like to share with you that simulate sound and long takes.


Two of these make you hear music in your head, while the last is creating a illusion of time due to her taking a picture much like the begining of the comic with it starting with “Smile.”


-Joseph Stipan

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(Stipan) Favorite Scene – Star Wars “I’M YOUR FATHER”

Hello Everyon!

For my framing assignment, I decided to the the iconic scene from Star Wars when Luke finds out that Darth Vader is his father. I thought this scene was perfect because it uses so many different angles and shots that you really get the emersion of the fighting! There are many far away, close up, side and looking up shots in this scene, so I found it to be perfect! Thank you “skip3579’s” channel for letting me use their video footage.

As you can see here, there is a shot of Luke far away sneaking into the building

as well as a shot of Luke getting closer to the camera form an angle.

Here we have a few close ups of Luke and Darth Vader fighting very close up to give that tension.

As well as Darth Vader swinging towards the screen. To give that feeling he’s swinging at the audience.

It then cuts to them fighting on a “bridge” with the camera angling far and above them.

It then cuts to a close up of Darth Vader and Luke. Because Luke is laying down and Vader is standing up, the camera is upward to point down to Luke while for Vader, the camera is lower, pointing up.

Afterwards, Luke fights until his hand gets cut off, where the camera shows Luke’s body towards the side with his hand being the main shot of this scene. After that, a close up of Darth Vader is shown with him saying “No I’m your Father” with a close up of Luke’s reaction.

The scene ends with a far upward shot of Luke falling with an immediate looking up shot of Darth Vader looking at Luke falling with a shot of Luke falling down the pit.


The reason I chose this scene is mostly do to it being one of my favorite scenes in any movie as well as how many angles and different shots they took during this scene. It is very intense and I felt it was perfect for this assignment!

-Joseph Stipan

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(Stipan) 30 Second. Who Dunnit

For my “Who Dunnit,” I decided to make a sequence of a dog owners worst nightmare. I filmed different shots of toilet/tissue paper laying from the bathroom, to the hall, to lastly the suspect. My dog Jack was a very good boy with letting me cover him in paper as well as pulling a very convincing guilty face. Some shots I did were close ups of the toilet paper, some shots from the floor looking up to the couch, far and close ups of my dog as well as very dramatic music to give it that dramatic experience. I hope this is what we were suppose to do, but I had a great time making this. https://


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(Stipan) What Was Cinema Post 1

It is no surprise that movie making is not what it use to be. We have gone a long way from something like “Steam Boat Willy” (1928) to Monsters Inc (2001) The ways of movie making is beyond amazing. The CGI in movies are realistic. Not only that, but they way we record has evolved as well. I recently found my fathers SONY Video Recorder from the early 90s and compared it to my Iphone I carry in my pocket. I was blown away how bulky the Video Recorder was and how portable and convenient my Iphone was. When some historical event occurs or something interesting happens, us humans, pull out our cellular devices and upload that clip to the social web, where other friends and family can watch either on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the options are endless.


I tend to use digital recording when I spend time with my friends or I’m at a location that I want to share with my friends. My favorite feature is having the option to edit my recording with different capture, speed of the video, ect. People record for many different reasons, sharing a sight that they found that is absolutely breath taking, a rare event occurred (baby being born or the eclipse that just occurred) or even saving memories with friends or family to watch for the rest of their lives.

My point about all this is that the Cinema much like is stated through the article, is “dead”. Even with the new way of film making, film making will always be film, while video is its own thing. There was a quote that stood out to me when reading the article and I would like to explain how I took it.

“Film and Video use different kids of detached displays, for example, and their conveyance of an impression of movement is rendered technically possible through different recording and presentation technologies.” (39)

The reason I enjoyed this quote is due to it making a lot of sense. I recently watched a Netflix movie about Walt Disney’s life it was called “Walt Before Mikey.” Throughout the movie, it showed Walt and his struggle before Mikey Mouse came around. Through the movie, he made films with ink. They were silent, moving picture films. It blew me away seeing them make films like that, but then seeing the behind the scenes making of Marvel’s “The Avengers” with green screen and computer animation.

This is a quote that kept me reading over and over. It hit me and I completely understood what he meant. Much like how VHS’s are no longer the present, old fashioned film is not the way we make movies now.

Film is nothing but black and white with picture movement where video is CGI, high definition movies. This is why from the future and on, film/cinema is dead and Video is the new found for movies.

I’m not saying that’s a bad thing at all, in fact, animated movies is what interested me to get my DTC Major. I love the way we use technology. Film, computers and even video games have evolved over time and I find them all so fascinating.

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Joseph Stipan’s Introduction Post

Hello Everyone!

My name is Joseph Stipan!

I am a Junior of WSUV. I graduated from Clark College with my AA Degree.

I’m a fall baby and will be 24 on September 29th!

I love to draw and design with photoshop and adobe premier pro.

I started my own Youtube Channel called “Beepingnerds” and love to make videos with my friends as well as edit them.

Here is a link to the Channel if you guys are curious! WARNING!! SOME VIDEOS CONTAIN BAD WORDS!


Look forward to work with you guys!

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