In this video, I had my brother make a cup of coffee. The video starts off with him working on homework and then getting up to make coffee.

I tried to vary the shots by using wide angles and doing a few medium and close up shots. I started the video by doing a wide shot that gives the viewer an idea of where this is taking place and what is going on. The over the counter wide shot gives the viewer a different perspective while including multiple elements seen throughout the video. I also tried to use cues such as him looking off to the left and then having the feet walk in that direction to give the viewer more spatial information without showing a lot of the space.

I also did a couple of match on action shots throughout the video. Starting with a wide shot and then doing a close up while the subject is moving. Match on action or cut in shots help the viewer experience the action more effectively. I think I could have done a little better on matching the movement. To me, some of the parts look a little choppy but I couldn’t figure out what could have made them better.

After my brother grabs the cup, I used the 180 degree rule to switch to the other side of him. While he was grabbing the cup, I was on the left of him. Then he walked toward me (I was on the 180 line) and this gave me the opportunity to switch to the right of him but since he was facing the other way, I was still on his left side.

I also tried to play around with the angles. I did some eye level, some on the ground to show the feet walking, and some from above the counter. This gives it variety and makes the video more interesting.

I think the story works well and it’s clear to see what is happening in the video. One thing that could have been better thought out is the length of each individual clip. Some are really short and others go on for a while. I’m not really sure whether that’s a good thing or if it would look better having them similar lengths. Sometimes I feel like the longer clips make me (and would make the viewer) stop paying attention and zone out. Being consistent with that might have made the video much more “to the point” and it wouldn’t drag on.

Overall, I think this video shows good continuity. It doesn’t seem like there are any large or odd gaps in time during this process. One thing I could have done is tried different methods of continuity to make it more continuous. I think I could have made this into a much shorter video that way. There were couple of things I had to cut out anyway that would have made this video much longer (like boiling the water or grinding the beans).

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Movie Sequence – Pirates of the Caribbean

1: ELS                                      2: LS, Low shot, panning

3: ELS                                      4: MCU

5: MCU                                    6: MCU

7: ELS                                      8: ELS

9: ELS                                     10: ELS

11: M/MLS                             12: MCU

13: MCU                                  14: MCU

15: MCU                                  16: ELS


The framing in this scene is done really well. Each scene connects to each other. The pirates are under the boat walking towards the water and then it goes to a scene of them underwater. Will steps into a crate (close up shot of the crate) and then it shows him looking down at his foot. He keeps walking with the crate that has a rope attached and we see what is at the end of the rope, floating on the water. They’re on the ship and they point a gun at the soldiers and in the next shot, we see the soldier’s superiors with the telescope and then what they’re seeing through it (the soldiers from the ship). The time passing between shots creates a really interesting story flow. This scene also has a lot of shots that last a while and most of them are panning shots.

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Pocket Cinema – Diana Kutsenko

I think there are similarities between these movies and traditional film but they are creating something new. They have a different feel to them because of the way they are created differently. Because of the convenience of an iPhone (size/portability/quality), they are able to get shots that might be more difficult to get with a larger camera and it also creates a  feeling that makes you a part of the scene, making you more engaged.

I think that digital video wants to make film more engaging and more of an everyday thing instead of a luxury. As a creator, we can use digital video to be more expressive and we have the opportunity to do so in any way we want to. It’s very accessible to us whereas in the past, being a creator took a lot more. As a consumer, we have access to a lot of content making entertainment very easy. Instead of watching what’s popular or what people want you to watch, you have access to every video imaginable.

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Introduction – Diana Kutsenko


My name is Diana Kutsenko and I’m a junior here at Washington State University Vancouver. I am a DTC major.

I’m a very visual person and I love taking photos so I’ve always been interested in video. Every once in a while when I go on trips, I’ll take short clips and then edit and combine them. I haven’t developed much of a style yet but I would really like to pursue a more cinematic/nostalgic style in this class. I really like videos and scenes that evoke lots of feelings and emotions by using specific moods, colors, etc. in the scenes.


I really like this video and its style:

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