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Run Lola Run


Watching this movie reminded me of train spotting how they jumped from scene to scene. I was expecting that to be the case with this movie. I was initially confused by the different scenarios playing out before realizing that she was going through different possible scenarios as she raced to meet her boyfriend. I am reminded of McClouds comic panel that showed how storytelling can challenge our understanding of how we read from left to right. I liked how they used animated images of her running to break up the repetition of her running through the city. I am not the fastest reader, so I struggled to follow the story but the repetition of scenarios as she ran made it easy to understand.

The use of time manipulation in movies make it more engaging to watch, I must watch the whole movie from start to end to fully understand the story. The movie, The Others, director Alejandro Amenabar used time manipulation and had me in suspense till the end when it was reviewed that they were the ghost. In the storyline, the character played by Nicole Kidman believes that her home is haunted. Throughout the movie, she would have these flashes of her children dying until at the end she realizes that she killed her children and committed suicide. The way the story played out had me convinced that she was being haunted by a ghost.

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Time frame and comics

In Mccloud’s book, he discusses the use of panels as part of the story. Panels alone can tell the story by implying pause in time or tell a story. I have read comics in the past and never considered that the panels were part of the story. On page 95 Mccloud shows a whole panel with a story that appears to have everything happening at once. The use of rope to measure the timeline on page 96 is a good metaphor for how the story flows from balloon to balloon. On page 101 Mccloud talks about panels in relation to time. A wider gutter can give pause and so can a longer panel. I have found it interesting how the panels on page 105 challenged the conventional method of reading from left to right and was a bit disorienting at first, however, after some exploring it reviews itself as a multi outcome story. The simplicity of comics made it easy to tell a story with multiple outcomes on a single page in a way that film could not. On page 110, Mccloud discusses the different ways that motion is portrayed in comics like photos that capture motion and the blurred image of moving objects called motion lines. Other countries used different methods like Europe the use of sparingly used lines to show motion and Japan that used a blurred background effect that mimics movement captured with a camera. I am reminded of the Speed Racer animation that aired back in 1967-68 and the use of lines to translate motion.

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Blog 2 Survival

I made this too long but I could not find myself to remove certain parts.

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Hi, my name is David and I’m a photographer and work in the gig economy, I make gifs to send to customers and volunteer at a cat rescue shelter as a photographer/videographer. I use premiere, lightroom, photoshop, and illustrator for my photo editing.


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