Hybrid Space Video

For this assignment, I decided to used some parts of the trailers from Game of Thrones.  I used the trailer from season 1,2 and 8.  To layer the three videos I used blending modes as overlay, saturation, hard light, vivid light and soft light.  I wanted to keep the mysterious and intrigue feeling of the show.

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Blog-Cinema in the Digital Age

Run Lola Run is an unconventional movie based on Nicholas Robes readings.  It doesn’t fall into the same category as the Classical Hollywood movies.  Most of the time these tend to have a linear function to tell a story.  The narrative space of Run Lola Run has a nonlinear process.  The rearrange sequence of the story creates a manipulation of time to tell the same story, but with a different version every time. During the movie different frame shots are used like POV, long-shot, medium-shot, split screen, high/long angle, and close-ups just to mention few.   As Robes mentions, “Guillermo Arriaga, the screenwriter of 21 Grams, has said that ‘I have a short story that has been recently published that also goes back and forth all the time. I think this is the way we tell stories on a daily basis – we never go linear. “The movie has an interesting way to catch your attention as a viewer with a motion in space.  The spatial and temporal arrangements of the sequence give us a feel of timeliness.  Because at the end of each sequence the story starts over again creating a loop keeping the same elements, but with different context.  It maintains the main goal of the main character Lola to get the money to save her boyfriend’s life.  As a fundamental characteristic, Robes mentions about time shifting, “Time-shifting happens not only in movies themselves, but in the way we experience them through interfaces that in fact rectify their increasingly nonlinear logic.”  As a viewer, Run Lola Run gets interesting every time and it makes you to pay more attention to every single detail on it.  


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Time Frames





In this gif of Justice League creates tension and suspense in the plot behind the story .  By going from a medium shot to a zoom in and close-up on Wonder Woman.  Also, creating a false illusion of time by having super heroes in the future.

Back in The Future gif, creates the representation of the present to the future.  By a sequence of different frame shots of time and motion.  These are happening in different times but based on our perception they are occurring at the same moment.

In this scene of Harry Potter, shows us the transition in time through different frame shots that related.  By having a momentum of suspense that goes back and forward of different dimentions.




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In this Continuity video project, it was easy but at the same time challenging because it was a 30 sec frame video.  That means that I needed to be very careful during the editing, to have a good flow of the continuity story.  Since my dad was fixing the gutters, I wanted to show the process of his project.   At the beginning of the video using a medium shot, I wanted to shohow it was difficult for him to cut off the gutter with a hand saw.  Showing this by making him just cutting off a small portion of itThen, I changed the frame shot showing a circular saw making an extreme close-up, close-up, and medium close-up.  So, the viewer could see the new element that would be easy to use to cut off the gutter.  I tried to be careful at leastto keep the 180 degree and 30degree rule frame shot to make a fluid connection between each sequence.   During the process making of this video, there were elements that I wanted to capture, like sound.  Specially, the sound of the circular saw. But it was difficult because there was a lot of background noise.  At the end, another frame shot that I used was the high angle.  That helped to show putting two pieces of gutter together that would help to complete the project.   I tried to correlate each frame sequence to another, so they could have a smooth transition.  Even though, there were some challenges faced.  

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On this project about ‘Who Dunnit?’ I wanted to focus on a suspense theme.  It was difficult to come up with ideas on how to frame the video at the beginning.  I tried to use different shot angles to capture the suspense theme.  Some of the frame shots that I used were telephoto/zoom, medium shot, close-up, high angle, long angle and medium long shot.  These helped me to capture the narrative context of how one of my dogs sneaks out during the night to get food.  Therefore, I tried to show the aftermath of the events and the mess that he does trying to get his food. One of the challenges that I faced was the quality of the video because I did it with my phone.  I didn’t want to use so much lighting because I wanted to keep the suspense theme.  The dark setting just makes the video be blurry for most of the time.  Even though, I tried to focus the frame on some of the areas that I wanted to put more emphasis. Every time that I tried to do a close-up it was getting blurrier.  I know phones are replacing digital cameras nowadays.  But I believe a digital camera has a better quality, and you can capture better images and shots with it.



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The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Blog)

Medium Long Shot
Wide Angle
Close Up (face)
Medium Close –Up
Medium Shot
Long shot
Medium Shot
Medium Close Up
Medium Close up
Medium Close up/ High Angle
Medium Long shot
Long Shot
Medium Shot
High Angle, Telephoto Zoom
Telephoto Zoom


I chose a movie clip from The Lost world: Jurassic Park because I like how Steven Spielberg uses all the resources to make the dinosaurs to appear realistic.  Not only using the special effects through the movie, but actually being careful in every frame shot taken.  Given all these materials bring a realistic tone to the plot of the story making us believe this could be happened someday.  It’s not just a simple shot, in fact there are several frame shots through the movie that focus on the main characters that are the dinosaurs, specially T-Rex.  At the beginning of this movie clip, we could see how the director is very careful on capturing every movement of the T-Rex.  Also, he makes a size comparation with a two-story house just to give us an idea on how big and tall the T-Rex is.  Another thing that I like about this sequence is the innocence in the reaction of the kid once he sees the T-Rex.  The different frame shots capturing his reaction are priceless, because it captures a realistic emotion.  Specially at the end where he takes a moment to take a picture of the creature outside his window.  The sequence of the clip brings attention and interest on how many different shots are used during the making of the movie.  Not only that, also the time spent editing the movie to capture each emotion, texture, lighting, angles, and camera positions.



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Hello, I’m taking Digital Cinema because I want to become a Production Designer

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