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Video essay

This is a video essay for my friend Greg. He was full of life, yet consumed with invisable demons.  Archived photos were given to me by his former girlfriend Annie. He, along with Robert Williams, started Juxtapoz magazine. He curated the first Lowbrow exhibion at th Laguna art museum, sat on boards of museums and universities and had some of the most innovative galleries in Los Angeles.

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continuity exercise

This is contiuity exercise. After several attempts of video exercises, I decided to do a montage – continuity exercise.

The film is constantly moving in and out of focus to give an ominous aspect. It stars my friend John LaFave

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Animated GIF


In all three of these we have city perspectives. All three GIF’s have to do with time passing in one form oganother

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What is Cinema




After reading and re-reading this article, I found it full of contradictions. It is basically D.N. Rodowick’s opinion. Through a series of excerpts from the reading, I would propose that Rodowick clearly defines cinema through the use of the medium. He states, by “cinema” I mean the projection of a photographically recorded film strip in a theatrical setting (26). I would like to call “film” any image recorded and projected (32). However, the Merriam – Webster definition Cinema as; amovies; especially :  the film industry b :  the art or technique of making motion pictures. With this in mind, I find cinema to be a part of the motion picture industry. I believe the issue here has to do more with the medium by which motion pictures are produced as opposed to the question of “what is cinema.” Once again Rodowick states; medium is something that the artist transforms into the making of art (33), in this case, being cinema itself.

The following paragraph contains a series of statements from the reading that directly support the medium is the foundation for the definition of cinema:  The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) suggests the noun “medium” refers to an intermediate agency, means, instrument or channel. Also, intermediation, instrumentality: in phrase by or through the medium of. spec. of newspapers, radio, television, etc., as vehicles of mass communication (33). Not unlike motion pictures as an art form, Rodowick states; The medium is an art form that combines multiple elements or components that can be material, instrumental, and/or formal (41).

Even though film making has changed, cinema is not going away. Progress dictates that technology evolves and with new technological advancements come new forms of creativity. While film may disappear, cinema nonetheless persists. And in fact, digital filmmaking may inspire new forms of cinema not yet imagined (30). The medium is changing, but the medium of the movie is not transformed (31). A creative act by definition transforms it medium or may even create a new medium (46). Finally, these elements are historically variable, both singly and collectively. They evolve in relation to actual artistic practices and independently of any abstract teleology or ideology (45). Therefore, the existence of an art is neither defined or guaranteed by the nature of its physical materials or structural properties, but rather by the forms of expressiveness it enables, or which can be discovered in it. (45)

Atomism’s =self-acting process of mechanical reproduction (42). That being said, my choice of digital medium would be my cell phone. It is in use constantly. Social media, video, snap shots, voice recognition are all useful ways of recording daily activities.

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Hey There

Paul Peralta here! Looking forward to this class and furthering my skills in documentary video production.

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