Remy Cloutier-Stubbs

Final Project

This is my final project, it’s a behind the scenes look at a Portland Winterhawks hockey game.  I thought this topic would be interesting, because while people go to the games, you don’t really know about the people behind the scenes, such as the PA announcer, the game operations/sound guy, and the videographer.  This video, while really fun to make, and be at the games, was extremely frustrating, with the amount of time that I spent getting the best game shots (It took 4 or 5 games). getting the interviews with good sound (4 interviews with Jeremy the videographer), and putting the exact shots, and clips I wanted in the right order.  Also, right in the middle of this project, the team went on a week and a half trip to Central Canada, so that made it take longer.  But all in all, it was very rewarding.  I hope you all enjoy this video, and i’m looking forward to watching all of your videos!


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Hypervideo assignment

This is my hyper video assignment.  I’m not to familiar with html, and css, so I had some trouble doing these videos.  I changed the looped video to a crime scene, which I got off getty images.  I really wish it didn’t have the wording on the video, but this loop was perfect for what I wanted to do.  Each hotspot on the loop, is a spot, around the dead body and you can see what happened after you click the spots.  My brother and I filmed this video, and its not high quality, but it was a lot of fun to do with him.






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Video Essay and Final Idea

After watching this video, the speaker Evan Puschak, it made me laugh that he was basically giving a video essay about video essays.  Anyways, he gave us the history of the essay, and how when you think of an essay, you think of the essays you do in English class, or a History class, which is not fun.  Puschak explains it’s hard to define what a video essay is, just like a written essay.  But says “its written essays blend into articles, reportage pamphlets and short stories into films, documentaries, tv journalism.  A video essay combines images, videos, words, sounds to help make the listener/reader understand more, and gives a stat that 65% of people are visual learners.  To begin writing a video essay, I would start with a script, and the points I want to make.  With these things, you know exactly what images, sounds, voice-overs, etc. you need to add to your video essay.  All of these things combines gives you evidence on what you are trying to argue.


Final Ideas-

1. My main idea is to do an interview/documentary with a Portland Winterhawks coach, or management, or someone who works for the team.  I have interned them now for three years, so luckily I will have access to be able to reach these people.  My video will be a 2-3 minute interview/documentary, and will be exploring the interview/documentary module, and also with some continuity, and visual evidence.  First I will need to email the people I am friends with on the team if there is someone I can do an interview/day in the life of.  Hopefully a coach, but there are a lot of options.  Next, if a coach, I will have to find a time when the coach is available to meet, go to a practice and film, go to a game and film some more, and do the interview.

2.  My next idea would be a travel video, I will be heading to Victoria, BC for the weekend to spend time with my family.  So I can find all the hidden tourist spots, and hit good tourist spots.


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Interactive Cinema

dreamingmethods was a creepy, interactive website where you go through a house.  The house seems like it is a haunted house, and you have to drag your mouse which way you want to go, and then you have the option to click to go into different rooms.  There is also text, that says creepy things to get you feeling like your in a creepy house, or something is going to happen, like in a horror movie.  As you go further, it looks as if you’re in a nightmare, or there was a ghost, and someone died because in the sink, there is blood and hair everywhere.  The videos make it look as if its an older camera, with static, to make it more creepy.  DreamingMethods, was entertaining because of the creepiness of it, especially being home alone, I got creeped out just playing with the website.


In Manovich’s “Database Logic,” he explains the new form of new media, he explains CD’s, Web databases, and all media projects are databases because databases are giving media existence, so because of CD’s and websites, and all media projects they are given media existence so they are databases.  But, each program calls them different.  He goes on to say how Premiere calls them “projects,” ProTools called them “sessions,” etc. He also says the digital computer is the perfect medium for a database.

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What Makes a Successful Web Series

After watching and reading all the content on “How to be successful,” what I concluded, is that you have to be VERY passionate about what you will be doing.  This will be your job, you’ll be making money off of it, and it will basically be your life.  Also, creating a successful web series is extremely difficult to do, as there are roughly 60 hours of youtube videos uploaded each minute (http://www.jeffbullas.com/35-mind-numbing-youtube-facts-figures-and-statistics-infographic/).  With the amount of videos uploaded each minute, and day, you really need to know what you are good at, and make sure you are the best of the best.  To create a great web series, you need to find your niche, and find a community of people who will be huge fans.

Along with just creating a great web series, you need to be strategic on how you will get discovered.  Along with putting a lot of time into the videos, you need to put time into ways to get discovered.  You need to market yourself, write smart descriptions, and make sure to keep your audience engaged, and keep watching.

Lastly, you should be consistent.  Much like shows that we like, and we wait every week for a new episode.  It is the same with web series.  If you keep your videos at a consistent release day, such as once a week, or twice a week.  Your viewers will come back to watch your content on those days.  This will also create excitement, and anticipation for your new video that you have coming out.  Also, something I like in videos, are people with a lot of enthusiasm.  With the enthusiasm, it makes me feel like they really love what they are doing, and want to create content that not only they love, but want to share with their fans that they can love too.

A web series that I like is Dude Perfect.  These guys do different kinds of trick shots with different sports.  Such as throwing a football through a fire hoop or hitting a target that is hanging down from a helicopter, they make their trick shots very creative, and it is really engaging to me and keeps me watching.  This series caters to me because I’m into sports, and have tried doing trick shots my whole life with equipment I have, whether a hockey stick, football, or golf, and they things they do are just fun, and their enthusiasm, while can get a little much, shows that they really love what they are doing.


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Job Interview-Classic Aquariums

For my  interview, I interviewed my girlfriends dad.  He is the owner/operator of Bishops Classic Aquariums.  He sets up, and maintains over 100 fish tanks, ponds etc from around the greater Vancouver/Portland area.  Much like the show ‘Tank’d’ on Animal Planet.  With this interview, I had so many questions I wanted to ask but with the two minute limit I had to keep it brief.  Along with these questions, I asked him how he came up with his company name, if it was a family business, and what are the enjoyable things about his job.  I’ve gone to work with him and his sons before, but with this interview, i’m glad I was able to share a brief day in the life of his job with you guys.



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Hybrid Cinema

I had been thinking of what I wanted to do for a while, and while watching jeopardy I then I got an idea; and this idea would be fun and interesting.  So for this project, I took 6 different intros from jeopardy episodes, and laid them on top of each other and played them at the same time.  Much like the video of all the Star Wars movies playing at the same time.  I used episodes from 1984, 1992, 1993, 2004, a celebrity jeopardy in 2009, and a recent one from 2017.  I had some trouble because the frames of the older intros, are not as big as the ones more current, but the outcome was super interesting and weird, but I think it turned out pretty well.



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Visual Evidence

When it comes to shooting a news story about anything, and in this case the Eagle Creek fire and the impact on the community, to get your story to come across, you need to really plan well on what shots you will be filming, and who you want to interview.

If I were assigned to the Eagle Creek fire, I would first begin by planning everything I wanted to do.  What is the story? Why did this happen? Who did this directly impact? Where did it happen? and When did this happen?  Once my plan has been finished, I would begin by interviewing the locals who were directly impacted by the fires by being evacuated, and people who could be evacuated in the future.  The next people would be to interview someone who is an expert on forest fires, and that can inform the viewers on which way the fire could be going next, along with a firefighter, if possible, to let the viewers know how contained the fire is, and what the future outlook for the fires and community are.  Once I have interviewed all those people, I would try to get footage of the fires, the communities that are affected, and i’d make sure to get a shot of a firework in the news story, to inform everyone that this all was caused by a firework, and get people aware the damage that can happen from a firework.  My B-roll footage, which is “illustrates what is being said.”  I would do shots of the trees burning, a firework, the firefighters who are fighting the fires, and people evacuating their houses.

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Movie trailer Mashup..PG-13

Before everyone watches the video, I just wanted to let you know there is cuss words in this trailer.

In my movie trailer remix, I wanted to mashup movies with the same actor/actress in each movie, so there wasn’t a clear difference between each movie.  Thinking of a movie trailer remix you want to do, is no easy task.  First, even just picking movies you want to mashup is difficult, and then including all the editing, matching the sounds, and still trying to create what the movie would be about is challenging.  While challenging, creating the mashup was so much fun, and I think mine turned out.  Its a mashup of 21/22 Jump Street and Magic Mike.. Ha ha




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Run Lola Run- cinema and narrative effects

Run Lola Run, was a fast paced action film, where Lola’s boyfriend loses money on the train, and they have until 12 to figure out how to give the money to their drug dealer.  There are three different outcomes, and each outcome that happens, had difference consequences, but each outcome started the same.  With Lola running down the stairs, running past her mom, having the car hit, stop, or her jump over the car.  She also, would run past a kid who had a stolen bike.  Each different outcome seemed to get faster as to speed through the things we’ve seen a few times already.  In the first outcome, she goes through the whole sequence, and in the end she dies from a gunshot wound by the police.    In this movie their is a lot of editing done, and many different transitions to each scene as she’s running to the corner where she said she would meet her boyfriend.  During the movie, it did not seem like each shot length was very long, but i’m not sure the exact time that they were.  There were different types of cinema techniques as well, such as continuity editing, they would have many scenes where they have action from one scene and have it go on further.  Such as when she’s running and almost gets hit by the car, and then you see the car get hit by another car.  Overall, Run Lola Run, was a good movie, with many different editing and cinema techniques, it was an enjoy to watch.

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Loops assignment

In the time loops assignment, I have had trouble looping, so I hope this works.  Along with the three time loops I made, I also included my continuity video, of a dog running outside because it was only 7 seconds long, so I thought this would be a good example of a time loop as well.

This video is a coffee being brewed from a Keurig coffee maker.


This loop is of me feeding my fish.  I give them frozen shrimp that stays in the freezer.  So I am grabbing the food, and putting it into the fish tank.

This video is of doing the dishes.  First you scrub the excess dirt off the bowls, and then you put the bowl into the dishwasher.

Lastly, this is also my video I did for continuity.  It’s of a dog running outside to start playing.  


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  1. These videos work as repeated action, but don’t exactly do the loop. If you had set them to loop with the vimeo code you could see how the last shot just ends a sequence rather connecting back to the beginning. Trying to get you to see how continuity editing an force us to perceive a loop.

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Continuity- Dog going to play/riding bike

While filming my original continuity video, I had an idea for a dog to run from its room, through the house, and outside to go and play with another dog.  Well… while filming it not-surprisingly it didn’t work out as well as I had planned, so my footage went down to only 10 seconds or so.  So because of that, I made another continuity video to get the video up to 30-seconds, and this is of my brother beginning his bike ride.  In this little video, He starts at the top of our hill, and continuous down the hill and goes on his ride.


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  1. Remy,
    The dog sequence works well with continuity – screen direction and match on action. The bike sequence does not work because that camera does not change position much. 30 degree rule! You also might have included close-ups and medium shots with long shot.

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Time Frames

GIFs are kind of like comics actually, they show time passing by, as you read each different cell, and it depends on how they structure the comic to give you a different sense of time going by.  It was really interesting, as when I read comics, it all just happens naturally for me, but they write the comics in certain ways to help you understand the time better.

  1.  In this GIF, you can sense the time going by while he is filling up his drink, and also hear the sound of the drink pouring into his cup.  It’s really interesting as you can just sense these things without needing sound

2.  This GIF also gives you a sense of time going by, as your cleaning clothes in the washing machine.

3. On this one you sense the time going by, and also sound as you hear the sound of the waterfalls falling

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Kingsmen– favorite movie scene

This is a great fight scent that finishes the movie Kingsmen: The Secret Service.  In this scene, Eggsy and Gazelle are fighting.  Eggsy, is the main character in the movie, who starts as a troubled teenager, and with a lucky break his Uncle helps him get into the secret service.  On the other side, Gazelle is the assistant to Richmond Valentine, who is developing a plan to solve the problem of climate change.


1. Wide Shot-  Eggsy getting ready to fight




2. Mid Shot- Eggsy getting up to fight back

3. Close Up- Eggsy narrowly avoiding a blade

4. Long Shot but at an angle- Eggsy shooting at Valentine from the ground

5. Close up, but also long shot of gazelle

6. Long shot-  Gazelle jumps out of the window to begin fighting Eggsy

7. Close up of Gazelle, and long shot of Eggsy

8. Medium shot of Gazelle, close shot of Eggsy

9. Long shot of Eggsy and Gazelle getting ready to fight again

10. Close/Mid-shot of gazelle getting up

11. A long shot of Eggsy and Gazelle facing off for their final fight

12. Mid Shot- After their last fight Eggsy pulls off a cut tie

13. Close up- In the end, Gazelle got stabbed and poisoned which killed her

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Who Dunnit?

For this video, the perfect “Who Dunnit?” scene for me was my dog destroying a toy.  Multiple times when I come back from work, or school there’s fluff around the room, and this presented me a good opportunity for a video.  In this video, I had originally planned to show different angles of the mess I was left with, but luckily I caught my dog in mid-action destroying her toy, making a mess, and having fun.   This changed my whole video idea.  I showed the aftermath of the fun with different angles, and then I showed a flashback of her playing with the toy.  In the end, my video came together well, and with the small effects I added it made the video better then what my original plan was.

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What is Cinema? Blog Post 1

With new digital media, there are several automatisms in digital video today.  People use automatisms at any point throughout the day if they need to pull out their phones, record, and then keep for memories or share for everyone to see.  Also, if something exciting happens, a lot of people tend to pull out their phones, and go “live” whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Periscope, and try to go viral.  It’s very common for people when anything happens that they automatically pull out their phones and record what is happening.

I use digital video in my life mostly to record personal experiences that happen.  It typically is recording funny or weird things my dog does, for example, making slo-mo videos of her playing fetch, or trying to catch her in the middle of a howl she rarely does.  But I also can be recording anything in life that exciting that will happen, whether it be in nature, or at a sporting event, and it’s something I would want to share with everyone.  But also, it really depends on who is recording the video on why they are recording.  For example, if someone were filming something for human connection, that could be a video of a newborn baby, or a baby making its first steps that they want to share with the world.

With how easy it is to share media on mobile devices, whether it be social media, text messages, drop box, and also the growing use of mobile devices.   With how easy it is to pull out your cell phone record a video, and then sharing it with another click of the button, this is going to grow automatisms in digital video, so people can share events live or things that just happened.  Such as in Houston, i’ve seen a few periscopes where there are weatherman filming them going into the eye of Hurricane Harvey, and even though it’s extremely dangerous, they want to go viral, get views, and be famous.  This quote from page 44 explains it well.

“This argument inspires a final point.  Having an idea in art generates automatisms in the form of multiple expressive variations.  In encountering automatisms as limits, artists invent new creative strategies as ways of overcoming or transforming them” (44).

People all over the internet find different ways of inventing new creative strategies for art, whether it be something personal in their life happening or a crazy event happening that the person wants to share with the world.




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Remy Cloutier- Introduction

My name is Remy Cloutier-Stubbs, I have a bit of experience with videos.   I’ve made a few videos for other classes i’ve taken at WSUV, and have enjoyed doing them.

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