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Blog 4- Run Lola Run

This film was one that had a very strong sensory overload and part of that was what made the narrative more complex, and a bit more unique when it comes to timing. The film made use of black and white on the scenes that are meant to illustrate what is happening or has happened that was not shown in real time. This helps to piece together some of the unknown bits for a film that is a bit out of chronological order. In the first part of the film the director made use of high intensity scenes of lola running and then paired that with photographs placed into the film to show what is going on while lola is doing this desperate sprint. This makes use of sensory overload to keep the movie moving at a dramatic fast pace, and still show what else is going on during this scene as well.

I would say this is how the film is a digital aesthetic. The film pairs stills with motion picture to allow for an almost multimedia experience while watching the film. It’s unique from typical Hollywood because it’s not just your simple normal model of a beginning, middle, and end, but rather throws you right into the film and you kind of sort your way around. This film reminded me of the way Memento uses the black and white shots to show what happened before when the film is out of sequence.

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9/3 framing from Heathers lunch poll scene

Here we see Heather, the lead Heather, she’s giving Veronika instructions to give a dirty note to a girl they’re bullying from a popular guy.

The camera goes to the other two Heathers. and they’re positioned both in colorful dress and included in the frame together to kind of show that they’re the lead Heather’s little puppy dogs. They both giggle to each other about the lead Heathers idea. These first two shots are both close up shots in the beginning of the film to introduce the characters.

Next we go to a close up shot of Veronika, Veronika and the lead Heather are both framed solo in this scene to represent how they are both more dominant characters kind of opposing one another, while the other two Heathers are included in the shots together to represent their weaker personalities in the film.

Here we go to a wide shot that shows Martha, the girl the girls are bullying, in this shot lead Heather has just turned to look at Martha her eyes leading us to a POV shot of Martha getting her lunch minding her own business. This shot is the point of view of the lead heather “spotting her prey”.

This shot is mid shot that sort of is used to solidify the roles each character plays in the group where lead Heather turns back to the girls and begins to instruct them their roles. The shot is framed so that we see Heather in the position in front of the group of girls in a position of authority, Veronika is sort of off to the side and looking away still looking to Martha, who she doesn’t want to bully. The two Heathers stand side by side directly in front of lead Heather to show that they’re in a submissive role. Also the three Heathers are all wearing bright dress while Veronika is wearing all black, further distancing herself from the group in similarities.

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9/10 Time in Comics and film

The way Mccloud discusses how a longer frame in a comic means a longer amount of time has passed is similar to the way a longer scene without a direct cut is a longer amount of time passing as well. This reminds me of how in cinema when there is a bunch of quick cuts or almost a montage it references a bunch of different moments in time and moves things along at a quicker pace. I think it’s interesting how Mccloud shows that in comics a frame without text and then the same frame right next to it with text is kind of like a pause in time. I think its super interesting how this concept has been used a bit in film even though obviously in film we can just have the actor pause for a minute before speaking to show this gap in time for thought. In the film “My Own Private Idaho” the director uses some freezed shots during the sex scenes where the actors almost emulate sculptures, but the freezed shots kind of show us what is happening in that scene and still have fluidity in the scene. The actors do not do the movement with their bodies, instead the freezed shots put together fill out the fluidity of the scene. I think this concept is really similar to how comics move along their stories, being that comics are not moving pictures and this is a really interesting literal example of this in film.

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Framing exercise “Knife Fight”

Here is my framing exercise video, the scene is after a break in and knife fight.

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Tuesday 8/27 Automatisms

In today’s world digital video is running rampant throughout all aspects of society; whether it be for marketing advertisements or social media we are all consumers of video. I think an automatism of today’s society is the way people use video for instagram and snapchat stories. An example of this is my friend and I used to create “snapchat story movies” where we use these 10 second long clips of video that we take on our iphones and create sequential stories in a short film fashion and upload them. I think this is something kind of different because it involves non editing and is kind of an unconscious formation of cinema.

Digital video is something that is used unconsciously by most people to document moments of everyday life, and to share them with their friends and families. I think digital video has changed a lot because it has become something that anyone and everyone does on a daily basis, and not only something that creative filmmakers use to tell stories. I think it is really interesting though because while it is unconscious and in a different format the general public are still telling stories through their use of video, the stories of their lives.

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First Blog Post

Hello I’m Jenna! I also go by Jen!
My background in video is that I love making creatives videos with my friends for fun, I’ve taken a couple film classes, and I really love to write and edit!

I know this is a video from next week’s coursework, but I honestly would love to make videos like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=525&v=Ryk0eny1j0M

I really love the creativity behind this!! I like the way it kind of makes you think how did they come up with that!?!? I love the way the scenes each flow together and contribute to another part of the underlying story. This short film tells a story, but also has multiple stories along the way and I love that.

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