When I was brainstorming ideas about this assignment, I thought about filming myself washing dishes. The story board came in handy for helping me plan where I would place the camera. For the first shot of the film, I used a wide shot to create a first-person perspective shot. This shot also establish what the short film was going to be about. This wide shot of  the dirty dishes also created a sense of mystery as well; it makes the viewers wonder why is the film opening on dishes.

I used a close up shot of me looking at the dishes. This close up shot was done to reveal that it was actually me who was staring at the dishes. The close-up shot is great for establishing narrative for the film. I think close ups are good for building tension in scenes. I used a close up shot of me turning on the faucet.

When I approached the sink, I used a medium long shot. It was at this point, I decided to position my cameras on the right side of the kitchen; I position the cameras to the right so I would not confuse the viewers for when I had to cut to another shot of me continuing an action. For example, I shot a close up shot of me lifting up a plate, and then I cut to a medium long shot of me putting the plate into the dishwasher.

Throughout the film process, I switched from close to medium long shots to keep the viewers eyes busy. When I was editing the footage, I found it somewhat problematic starting an action on a close up shot and then cutting to another shot of me completing the action. A great example of my editing is displayed when I did a close up shot of opening a can of Coke Zero. I started with the shot of me lifting the Coke until it was out of frame. I finished the shot on a close up of me lifting the can to my mouth.

During the conclusion of the film, I used a medium long shot of me putting the soap into the dishwasher and then closing the dishwasher door. I cut to a point of view shot of my hand starting the washer. I used the wide and close shots to help create motion. I have to admit, that I was confused to how I was going to shoot this assignment. It was not easy by any stretch of the imagination, because I had to shoot the film myself. It took me longer than I expected, because I had to really wash the dishes. I also had to keep drying my hands before I touch the cameras.

I think the film turned out to be okay under the circumstances. I wish I had more time to plan for the assignment. I am sort of a perfectionist when it comes to filming. After filming and editing the film, I now have an understanding to the concept of continuity.

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iPhone Filmmaking


After watching both Detour, and Night Fishing, I think they are trying the be like traditional films. The film Detour reminding me of National Lampoon’s Vacation. It wasn’t as funny though, but I did get the vibe of a family having fun while traveling and singing like the Griswold family. Night Fishing seem to emulate a found footage film like the Blair Witch Project.


We record crazy things out of the blue almost everyday and posting them on social media platforms. We often forget that some of the embarrassing things we film with our phones don’t exactly disappear when we erase them on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Some of our other automatism of digital video is filming things, such as babies speaking their first words, as well as toddlers taking their first steps. Smartphones has also allowed us to share part of our lives and thoughts with others by way of vlogging.



I use digital video as a way to entertain others. I have always wanted to express myself through the art of film. Films such as, Jason And the Argonauts, Back to The Future, The Good the Bad and The Ugly and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were a huge inspiration on me. I sit and wonder sometimes if I can actually create that sense of wonder that I got from those films with just a smartphone. I think digital video wants to an expressive form like traditional films. I think digital video allow inspiring filmmakers to create films without having to spend millions of dollars on a film budget.

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