An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, by Ambrose Bierce

180 degree rule and screen direction
match on action
shot reverse shot
POV shot
parallel action (driven by narrative)
graphic match

Long take with moving camera – realism or dream-like, documentary-style, duration, pan shots,  also nonlinear arrangement and scroll – fluid time

Chaos Cinema (post-continuity)


Montage – rhythm, metaphor, associational thinking, dream, intellectual argument


discontinuous – fragmented, montage, jumpcuts, rhythmic cuts (on sound)


loop > repetition, cyclical, infinite, moment, semi-static, non-narrative?

from FookedonHonix

Cinemagraphs (portion of image is in movement)




insert a loop into a blog post with vimeo or youtube

[ video src="url" loop="on" autoplay="on" ]

loop series template

loop series zip


Spatial Montage

Watch Noah     

Noah: short film


Make a narrative loop

Screen Capture demo