A Storm Outside – Typographical Narrative

A Storm Outside is a story about a 12 year old girl who is at home alone talking and participating in various online activities, when a storm slowly overtakes the technology and she ends up with no one to communicate with. At first, she is afraid, but then she sets her resolve and makes do without the technology.

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  • I really loved the way you went from light to dark and slowly back to light again. As each slide increased with the light I fully got the feeling of the power coming back on. I really like this story.
    great job,

  • I really liked how you placed the text boxes of conversations happening on technology. They are scattered, feel like separate conversations, and they all paint to an overall image. It reminded me of many of my online conversations and how piling multiple of them could be. And the scene transitions to the power being out and the flashlight being turned on where great. The sudden appearance of the black screen really shook the mood the online chats had made and definitely changed the pace of the story from that point onward.

  • I love how the arrangement of the windows, and even which are open and closed really align with the story. The lights changing in the background really displays the progression of the story. It was overall a really sweet story and I loved how you put it all together.

  • Tracy,
    This really works well. The texts in the beginning get a lot of information across and insights about the character. Clearly a desktop, but abstract. I don’t think you need the narration to tell us what is happening. The texts mention the storm, the flickering lights, etc. When the lights do go out, you should have one panel of just black and then the narration comes in. This would get across her own self presence (even though it is 3rd person narration). But to me, it is this stillness, silence and darkness where her change happens – the flashlight and sandwich convey her resourcefulness, but I’m not sure that is what you want. Anyway, you can work this out if you continue to develop this story.

  • I loved how you laid the desktop out, how we got to get inside her head a bit through the different conversations she was having. I also like how the moment when she finds the flash light, is the moment she become okay with being alone- she reached into the drawer to find a light, but she also reached into herself to find something too.

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