My Typographic Narrative

Grieving Game

Hello Everyone! For my typographic narrative, I used a style similar to that of Great Rock and Roll Pauses. I hope you enjoy it!


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  1. Joshua Jackson

    I really liked how you have the text boxes in a way that portray video game controllers buttons. this is a cool story. I really felt sad while reading this.
    Great job,

  2. Tracy Lyon

    Tracy Lyon

    I do like the way the child is playing the game and acknowledging what his mom is trying to do, and how he processes his grief as he progresses through the game. I’d rather the type on the level 3 screen didn’t go upside down, because that was really hard to read! I liked the simple color scheme you used, and I liked the last few slides, where the child actually confronted his grief.

  3. kjohansen18

    I liked your placement of the text boxes and dialogue choices/routes if selected. It definitely felt like the UI selection for speech in a video game, and the two stories of the dad leaving and the knight leaving the party have a nice resonance together that ties the child’s perspective on their world.

  4. Kai’lia,
    Great. Using some of the techniques of Great Rock and Roll Pauses with the abstract interface of a game with levels and lives has resonance with the story of grieving. Really good to use the loss of the knight to connect with recognition of the loss of the father. For this “reversal/recognition” I think you need another panel between 8 and 9 to convey the child’s emotional realization: Dad = Knight. I can see this story developing into an interactive space – not an imitation of a game interface, but using clicks to reveal the layers of emotion in the story.

  5. Holly Slocum

    Holly Slocum

    You definitely nailed the influence! I really like how he’s thinking through life the way he would a video game- you draw great parallels between what’s happening in the game and what’s happening in real life. My favorite page was when they’re sitting in the backyard talking, I think it was really effective in conveying his struggle. I also like that he only has 1 life, it fit with the theme of the story really well.

  6. kcheng18

    excellent use of shapes and arrows, there was a good flow when I was reading as my eyes knew exactly where to go next. I also like how the level counter moves up with the intensity of the story, kind of light facing the boss at the end.
    well done!

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